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23 Jul 2014

Incredible teasers from Hot Toys and Sideshow in the lead up to SDCC 2014!!!!

Wow, have the past couple of weeks been an absolute rollercoaster of one nerdgasm after another!!! Just check out these teaser pics from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles!! It's a frickin great time to be a collector for sure!!

Sideshow started off with their teaser for their own version of C-3PO. That was expected now that they've got their new Artoo Deluxe figure coming in December, but there was always the doubt since Tamashii Nations had released perhaps the definitive Threepio in their diecast version. Either way, I'm glad Sideshow are doing their own, and hopefully the paint app holds up to the high standards we now expect in this scale!

Sideshow then continued the Star Wars OT goodness with the teaser for Pilot Luke from A New Hope. Again, it was expected that Sideshow would do this pilot version after they released their Bossk figure. The pilot outfits are pretty similar, but it will be awesome to see it in this orange version. This also opens up the door for many other pilot characters too. I just hope their headsculpt and paint app continues to improve and close that gap to Hot Toys.

After Sideshow released the Sandtrooper deluxe and the Snowtrooper, I expected them to quickly announce the Biker Scout. If they had released it in 2013, it would've tied in beautifully with the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. But there was no announcement, and that milestone was missed. But now Sideshow has finally revealed their Scout Trooper figure, and it looks pretty damn good!!

And you can't have the Biker Scout with his bike, so they also teased the new 1/6th scale Speeder Bike too!! The photo in the teaser doesn't really show any sort of weathering on the paint app, so I hope the final product has some better detailing for added realism. I'm sure it'll look incredible together with the Biker Scout.

And to top it off, Sideshow then announced their version of the TIE Pilot!! Medicom had released their version a couple of years ago, but I steered away from Medicom due to various bad reports on QC and scaling. So I always held out hope for Sideshow to do one, and here it is!!! I just hope this paves the way for a new Stormtrooper 2.0, since I need at least 3 classic Stormtroopers in my collection!! :)

Now, if anyone does teasers better than Sideshow, it has to be Hot Toys. They teased this pic quite a while back on their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy line of figures, and each one of them looks incredible! I don't really have an affinity to the comics, and doubt I'll love the movie enough to buy the whole team, so I'll pass on these. But the recent pics of the Groot and Rocket set, and just today of Star-Lord really show Hot Toys will knock these out of the park!

And hot on the heels of their 1/12th scale announcement of The Dark Knight Rises Bat, they pretty much shocked everyone with this teaser of the helicarrier from The Winter Soldier!! This must be Hot Toys branching out into other scales now to capture some of the incredible vehicles in the Marvel universe. It will be interesting to see what size/scale this turns out to be!

Then just the other day Hot Toys posted this long awaited reveal for the Arkham City Batman. Fans have been waiting, hoping, and praying for this Batman ever since Hot Toys showed a teaser of accessories around two years ago! I'll pass, but I'm definitely happy for all the Batman fans who've waited for this. There are concerns that the suit will be made from rubber, which may lead to cracking in the future. But we'll just have to wait for more photos to be released before really knowing how the figure will be made.

And then now to the two huge announcements from Hot Toys just today!!! I'm not a huge Iron Man fan, but think the first movie is the best a comic book movie is probably ever going to get. And so if there was ever an Iron Man figure I'd have in my collection, it would be the Mark 3 from that movie.

The original release of the figure now goes for absolutely insane aftermarket prices on ebay, so once Hot Toys started releasing Iron Man related diecast figures, I always held out hope for a diecast version of either the Mark 3 or the Mark 4 suit.

And today, Hot Toys delivered with this incredible announcement of the diecast Mark 3. And just look at what you get!! I absolutely LOVE that arc reactor exclusive accessory representing the present given by Pepper. And the fact the suit to me conveys the classic look of Iron Man better than the others pretty much seals the deal! Day one preorder for me!!

And lastly, the biggest, most exciting news I've had for a long time!! So many collectors, myself included, have longed for Back to the Future figures from Hot Toys, and they teased the logo over two years ago. But ever since then it has been silence, until today's huge announcement.

And just look at all the accessories, the head sculpt, the outfit, and of course the teaser of Marty standing with one foot in the Delorean!!! YES, the frickin DELOREAN!!!! Back to the Future is one of my all time favourite movies, and this will be another day one preoder. I will go through hell and back just to get that exclusive guitar version of this figure!!!

So there you have some of my thoughts on the recent announcements from Hot Toys and Sideshow. I couldn't be more excited to see what is actually shown at SDCC this coming weekend. If all of these are actually on display, I think my head might explode!! ;)

Hot Toys looks to be going CRAZY tonight!!! Their latest teaser is of this strange Optimus Prime figure that has the option of wearing the remains of Starscream!?!? Where/how did they get that idea??? I don't like how it looks with the gear on, but the figure alone in its basic form does look pretty good. I'll have to wait and see more pics of this to make a call on it. But wow Hot Toys - what an incredible night of reveals!!!

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