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6 Mar 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Motormaster and Menasor

Here's a link to my video review of the TF Combiner Wars Motormaster figure, which is essentially the final piece to form Menasor.

Overall, Motormaster is decent, and is really just a retool of the Optimus Prime from Wave 1. It all falls over though when the Stunticons are combined to form Menasor. The body proportions are all wrong, especially when compared against the far superior Superion!!

I think Superion looks much better, despite the legs still being a little far apart at the thighs. It will be interesting to see how Takara's version of Superion compares to Hasbro's. But even some of the advice to mis-transform Menasor and close his legs up a little don't really help all that much.

So I'll most likely be displaying the Stunticons separately in their alt modes, which do look much better together that Menasor.

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