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21 Jan 2013

Review - Sideshow Bossk

Just received the new Sideshow Bossk figure today!! And it's an awesome figure to go with Boba and IG-88. Check out the vid review :)

Post-Xmas sale goodie!!! eFX Stormtrooper helmet

They say you always find a bargain at the post-Christmas sales, and this year I certainly did!! I missed out on the eFX Collectibles sale that they did directly on their website. But wandering around my local shopping centre, there were a couple of nice collectibles stores that both had quite a few of these on sale (brand new!!). So I just had to pick it up :)

Late pickup - Sideshow Commander Ganch

The SW Celebration exclusive was hard to find, but amazingly Sideshow brought in new stock in Dec. So I managed to pick this up just before Xmas :)

Premature end of 2012 collection vid :)

I posted this vid as an end of year collection vid, but that turned out to be pretty silly since I did pick up a few more items before the end of 2012. But still a good overview of the collection to that point :)

Review - Hot Toys DX10 T-800 Terminator

There was lots of controversy with this figure, particularly around the headsculpt. But in hand, I gotta say this is a great figure. The leather outfit and the accessories are really nice. At first it wasnt all that nice, but then after posing and playing around with it, it damn well grows on you!! Now I love it, and cant wait for DX13 to sit beside it in the cabinet!!

Review - Hot Toys DX12 Batman

This is hands down one of Hot Toys' best figures ever. The technology used for the costume, the headsculpt, the accessories, even the stand - everything is AMAZING!! Cant wait for DX11 Joker to pair up with this bad boy!!

Review - Hot Toys DX07 Luke Skywalker

This was one of my most anticipated figures for 2012, and Hot Toys did not disappoint!! This is one of the best value packages that they have ever done, and probably ever will do. Just the diorama piece alone made it worth it!! :)

G1 Vintage Transformers!

Got a call from my parents to come and clear out the crap from their house. And what do I find!?!? A few boxes full of my original G1 vintage Transformers!! Bless my parents for not throwing them in the garbage!!!! :)

Sideshow Sandtrooper (Desert Sands Detachment)

I was a bit late in picking up the Sideshow Sandtrooper (Desert Sands Detachment), but was so glad I did. It really is a fantastic representation, and the best I reckon so far in 1/6th scale.

First group of Sideshow Clone Commanders

I was a loyalist to the Original Trilogy, and swore to never buy a prequel trilogy toy. Until I kept hearing about how awesome the Sideshow Clone Troopers and Commanders were!!! So after much to-ing and fro-ing, I picked up my first 5 commanders :)

Masterpiece MP-9 Rodimus v2

Found a retailer selling the version 2 of the MP-9 Rodimus that fixed a number of QC issues with the initial release. Still a damn pain in the arse to transform, but looks great in bot mode.

moggie and waynesbutler POSE OFF!!!

A few of the more wellknown youtube collectors in the community kicked off a pose off competition, and here was my entry :) It was just great to talk to other collectors around the world, and share some awesome poses!! I definitely stole plenty from the community :)

Added Masterpiece Grimlock to the collection

Finally found a decent price for the Takara Masterpiece Grimlock figure. Definitely glad to have him in the collection!!

Review - Sideshow Boba Fett

My first 1/6th scale Star Wars figure turned out to be the iconic Bounty Hunter Boba Fett by Sideshow Collectibles. Here's the quick vid review!

First Transformers Masterpiece video!

Grew up watching and playing with the G1 Transformers, so they've always been a big part of who I am. Finally decided to dive into the Takara line of Masterpiece figures, and havent stopped since :)

First Hot Toys video

Here's my first video showing the Hot Toys figures I started collecting. I posted this video after I finally got the Detolf cases to display them!!