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25 Jan 2016

Takara Transformers Masterpiece repaints in Diaclone and Micro Change colours

Takara ended 2015 with a bang with three quick releases in succession in repaints utilising the Lamborghini, Corvette, and Volkswagon Beetle molds. I love that they're doing the Diaclone and Micro Change repaints as homages to the original series of toys that preceded the G1 Transformers toys as we know them.

Here are my full video reviews of each one over on the channel :)

MP-14C Clampdown:

MP-21R Red Bumblebee:

MP-26 Road Rage:

Packaging and contents:

Together with the other Diaclone repaints, they simply look awesome together! I am really hoping they announce a MP-22 Powered Convoy repaint soon!! :)

24 Jan 2016

2015 End of Year Collection Summary

Forgot to post this up on the website! Earlier in January I posted my 2015 End of Year Collection summary video over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Definitely was a big year in 2015! Hope you can check it out :)

Stay tuned through 2016 for all the upcoming awesomeness :)

A couple of quick pics of the room now.

Ikea Detolf LED strip lighting setup kit from Sahmez Lights & Decals

I've had my Ikea Detolf cabinets for a while now, and have always thought of putting in some LED light strips. I was going to use the Ikea Dioder lights, but they made a running production change that made them warm white (yellowish) instead of cold white (brighter white).

But then I heard about Sahmez Lights & Decals on Facebook and saw some photos from other collectors that had installed their Detolf light up kit. They looked amazing, so decided to try them out.

I filmed two videos showing the kit and how I set them up in the Detolf. Hope you can check them out below and find them useful! If you're interested in getting these yourself, click the link above to head over to their Facebook page and contact them.

Part One:

Part Two:

Quick pic:

Kotobukiya Street Fighter Bishoujo Poison statue

I love the Kotobukiya Bishoujo line of statues, and when they announced they were doing Street Fighter versions, it was pretty much a combination made in heaven! The previous statues have been amazing, and this new Poison in this series is pretty much was Bishoujo is all about!! Sexy, sexy, sexy!! :)

Here's my full video review of Poison, along with a look at the whole line of Street Fighter statues together. Looking forward to the next one with Ibuki for sure!

Here are some pics I took. I think this statue looks pretty frickin amazing from all angles :)

Together with the rest of the Street Fighter gang, they make for one awesome display!

Get yours from Big Bad Toy Store at the link below! :)

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Poison - BBTS

11 Jan 2016

Bandai Tamashii Nations Samurai Taisho Darth Vader (Death Star Armour)

Here's my look at the new Bandai Tamashii Nations Darth Vader in his Death Star Armour. Another fantastic addition to the Samurai ranks in this line! The new skeletal design elements are fantastic.

Here's my full video review and comparison against the first Darth Vader release.

The box art is the usual classy style in this line. Everything is nicely packed in very collector friendly fashion.

I think the Death Star on his forehead does look pretty ridiculous, but at least it's removeable lol!! Of course the selling point for this figure is the new acacessories and the skeletal design elements.

The molding and paint app on areas such as the helmet, forearm, hand, and torso area are great and really differentiate it from the first release. There are definitely pros and cons to both figures, and so both are worthy additions to the collection.

I love the new lightsaber hilt with the sharkskin detailing (which I was told after the video review by some very knowledgeable collectors!) I think with both Vaders, you'll definitely have more display options in your collection. For me, I'll have one of the Vaders with the Stormtroopers, and the other with the upcoming Royal Guards. Either way, you're sure to have an incredibly unique Star Wars display in your collection!

I get mine from Big Bad Toy Store. Click the link below for all the order details!

BBTS - Bandai Tamashii Nations Samurai Darth Vader (Death Star Armour)