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19 Jan 2019

Transformers Masterpiece MP-36+ Megatron G1 vintage toy edition

Takara has previously used their "+" series for anime/cartoon accurate repaints of previously released figures (eg. Red Alert, Sideswipe). But with their main releases now already being cartoon accurate, it seems the "+" series is really just a designation for an alternate colourway from the original release, be it cartoon or vintage toy accurate.

After the amazing MP-36 Megatron release, there was not way I'd miss out on this MP-36+ repaint in classic G1 toy colours. And it is absolutely frickin beautiful! Click through below to see my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Make sure to give the video a tumbs-up and subscribe to stay tuned for more reviews 😃

The packaging is the usual Takara MP style, this time with the awesome pose from the original toy box art. I also love that the instruction manual and collector card have the same iconic pose instead of the crappy artwork that has accompanied the more recent MP releases.

He missed out on a few accessories included in the original release, but I think that is more than made up for with the beautiful chrome paint work and the tampographed details throughout the body. The use of chrome and the pearlescent grey plastic is the perfect homage to the G1 toy.

The areas of red plastic and added decals really bring out the bling for this toy repaint. Thank god Takara didn't make collectors apply stickers! The decals are all sharply applied with little to no paint bleed or issues with the application. The swirls on the main chest piece are actually engraved and really make that aspect in bot mode stand out nicely. I also love the exposed diecast feet that mimic the feet of the original toy perfectly.

The alternate head sculpts include one that is the homage to the G1 toy whilst the other three are repaints from the regular MP-36 figure. All have the yellow eyes as per the G1 toy. The bot mode butt pieces have the tamped on toy Decepticon symbols, which I guess is unfortunate if you display your figures from behind! For me, I love the repaints in their alt modes so this was never going to be an issue for me in gun mode.

And that gun mode is simply gorgeous! I never transformed the first release, so this was my first attempt at the transformation. Luckily there were plenty of good videos showing the dos and donts, so it wasn't too difficult. It did take me over an hour but hey, I was expecting about 2 hours for this guy 😂

As I mention in my video, I did have some trouble rotating the gun barrel that resulting in a small amount of chrome flaking off. But that was really my fault, so most collectors won't have the same issue. The problem areas with the first, such as the extremely tight hip joints, did not seem to be a major problem with this new MP-36+. Also, the paint rub issues with the barrel and silencer also weren't an issue. As long as you follow the instructions and rotate the silencer in the correct way, it slides onto the barrel just fine.

I love that the silencer, stock, and sight all have the decals showing the silver striping like the G1 toy had as stickers. The swirls on either side of the gun mode, although not engraved, still stand out and look nice. Overall, the clicking and pushing of panels into places worked out OK, and mine seems to be as good as I'll be able to get it. It really does look amazing in gun mode.

It's a shame now that I actually sold all my original G1 Transformers a couple of years ago. I had an original Megatron which would've been great to compare with this new one. Takara has come a long way in their toy engineering in the past 30+ years. It's great that they love the origins of these figures as much as collectors do. This new MP-36+ is the perfect homage to that original toy. I highly recommend it to all Transformers fans!

10 Jan 2019

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