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2 Jun 2019

Enterbay 1/6th scale NBA Locker Room

Here's my full review of the Enterbay 1/6th scale NBA locker room set. A pretty nice diorama set to go with your NBA figures!

Bandai S.H.Figuarts Street Fighter Blanka

Here's my full video review of the S.H.Figuarts Blanka figure. Another decent addition to the series!

Kotobukiya Horror Bishoujo Pinhead statue

I have loved the Kotobukiya Horror Bishoujo series so far, and this new Pinhead is another awesome addition! Click through below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

There's some minor assembly out of the box to attach the main body to the stand. From the front viewing angle, the peg in the dress that goes into a slot on the side of the stand is pretty well hidden. You just need to put that required force to make it sit as flush as it can, and it will look great.

The small peg in the toe that goes into the bottom of the base is also well hidden and adds the final touch for stability of the statue. The base is very nicely detailed and painted, with great highlights in the gold patterning.

The pins in the headsculpt are slightly too large I think, but from regular viewing distances still give a nice interpretation of the concept art. The sculpting in the outfit is also great, with all the right fan-service details in all the usual areas.

Closeup pics really do show off the intricacies o the sculpting. I love the silver belt clips, the red and silver clips over her breasts, and the subtle shading of blues/purples against the black dress. Coupled with a very nice suggestive pose, the statue stands out in amongst the rest of the Bishoujo clan.

The horror series is still going pretty strong, with Michael Myers up next. I have that one on the way too, but that one does seem a little plain compared to the awesome set below. I really hope they announce some more iconic horror characters soon and don't just stop now!

Pop Culture Shock 1/3 scale Chun-Li statue

I love Street Fighter, and have been playing since high school back in the 1990s. My favourite character is Ryu, and I have the previously released 1/3 scale Ryu statue from Pop Culture Shock (PCS). When I saw the prototype for the new Chun-Li, I knew I had to have this classic rendition of her too!

Click through below to check out my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can give the video a thumbsup and subscribe too! 😃

When a statue of this size and presence arrives in the post, it's always a great day. My smile couldn't get much bigger could it? 😄

After setting her up, she absolutely looks amazing. The level of sculpting detail is pretty good, and the material used for the mixed media is great too. The stockings look nice, and I'm glad they moved the seam from the outside of the legs to the inside. It's mostly hidden, but from some angles you can still see some unsightly stitching. Luckily it's not that noticeable from most angles.

The qipao has a nice material, but I wish some of the gold stitching was done with more attention to symmetry. From the front it looks OK, but some of the stitchning along her back is noticeably off centre. The front gold stitching fares a bit better.

Placing the wrist bracelets and hands was a little tricky, especially on the left hand to get it sitting close to her chest. But just make sure the bracelets sit low enough on the arms to allow the hands and their magnets to connect properly and it'll be fine.

The paint application on the visible skin is a little flat. I was expecting to see more skin texture and freckling like they did with the Ryu. That sort of detail always adds to the realism, especially at this scale. The lack of much skin texture and shading is a little disappointing, but from regular viewing distances it holds up OK.

Now on to some of the more annoying QC issues that have resulted in me asking for a replacement head sculpt. The issues I have with my statue are:

1) The red satin material used to wrap parts of the statue actually rubbed off red colour onto white painted parts of the statue. This included the hair buns and it was worst on the right shoe. The red cannot be wiped off with water.

2) The bridge of her nose has a strange small patch that is a lighter shade than the surrounding skin colour. It's like the top layer of paint was removed from that small area.

3) The sculpt along her underwear near the stocking seam has a crack. This is luckily hidden when the back of the skirt is in the normal down position.

It's the red stains on her hair buns and that light patch on her nose that mar an otherwise great sculpt. I've contacted the retailer, so will hopefully find out soon if I can get an exchange on the head sculpt. I really hope PCS learn from this and use a white satin material instead of red!

In the end, it's a fantastic statue that I love in the collection. Once an unblemished head sculpt arrives, she'll be damn near perfect!

29 Apr 2019

Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel trailer

Here's the latest Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel trailer showing photos I've taken of my collection over the past 3 months. It covers all things I collect from 1/6th scale, Transformers Masterpiece, 1/12th scale, and Lego too! Hope you can check it out!

24 Apr 2019

Avengers Endgame Review Spoiler Free

Here's my 5 minute spoiler free review of Avengers Endgame.

What an amazing ride, with all the high stakes action, humour, twists, emotion, and fan service that'll leave you wanting more! It's a fantastic climax to 11 years and 22 movies in this incredible MCU series. It'll make your heart race, swell, and get stuck in your throat in a 3hr rollercoaster.

It's the yang to Infinity War's yin - two different parts to a larger story. If you're an MCU fan that's been following all the previous movies, Endgame is an homage to the whole series that you will absolutely love, leaving enough questions to have you wanting more!

An amazing accomplishment of modern blockbuster movie making!

23 Apr 2019

Collection Update - April 2019

It's been a pretty slow start to the year, but I figured this Easter long weekend was a good time to do a quick video on the state of the collection after this first quarter.

Click through below to check out the video over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can give the video a thumbs up, and subscribe to stay tuned for my upcoming reviews :)

11 Apr 2019

Collection photos - 2019 Quarter 1

Here are some pics I've taken of the collection over the past 3 months. It's been a pretty quiet start to the year, but hopefully picks in Quarter 2!

10 Apr 2019

New Lego sets added to the collection

Recently picked up a couple of new Lego sets that nice little display pieces. The new Lego Ideas The Flintstones is great for that classic cartoon nostalgia, and the Great Wall of China is a beautiful small rendition of the ancient wonder.

Click through below to watch the reviews over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can give the videos a thumbsup and subscribe to the channel too! :)

Hot Toys MMS466 Neo from The Matrix

Loved The Matrix when it released, and it blew my mind like so many others. It's fantastic that Hot Toys finally got the licence to release figures from the franchise. Hopefully Neo is not the first and last! I would love to get Agent Smith and Trinity!

Click through below for my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can give the video a thumbsup and subscribe to the channel too :)

Packaging and box art are nice, and I love that clear cover. As expected, this set is packed with weapons to deck him out for that iconic gun fight scene.

I think the head sculpt is pretty good, and the outfit is tailored nicely too. Overall another good figure from an iconic film. I haven't really posed him up properly since getting him, but will do so soon and post more pics and thoughts!

9 Mar 2019

Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization C-3PO

I've loved the Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization series right from the start, and I'm glad they're still releasing figures. They are definitely taking their sweet time between releases so, but this C-3PO was definitely worth the wait!

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The box art is the usual style, and the contents aren't that plentiful this time. I think the key focus for this release was more the unique mold and features of the figure, but more on that later. Accessories wise you get a couple of swap out pairs of hands, and his fanciful oriental styled fan.

The Japanese name is quite appropriate, meaning something along the lines of a "puppet interpreter". Coupled with the known mannerisms of Threepio, the fan goes beautifully with the more effeminate characteristics of Threepio. Everything swaps out easily enough with no delicate parts to worry about when doing the swap.

The figure itself has many new unique parts which makes it stand out from the rest of the collection. The overall gold metallic paint app is fantastic. The face sculpt is very nice too, with moveable eyes and mouth. You can get him into all sorts of derpy faces!

The articulation in the neck joint and lower neck piece allow quite a lot of motion for more expressive poses. The shoulders work well, but it's the elbows that need a bit of care. As always with Threepio figures, the pistons are an area of concern. The ones on the inside of the elbow aren't too delicate, but if you try to bend the elbows close to 90 degrees, the piston will flex. So I wouldn't push them too far in case they snap.

The rest of the articulation is on par with the previous figures. There is torso and hip movement, and the legs, knees, and ankles all work well. I love that they painted his right lower leg silver in keeping with the movie. The unique sculpting details in the feet, shins, and through the arms are a highlight.

I love the red drinking gourd, but have no idea what the key is meant to represent. If anyone knows, please let me know via Facebook message! Would love to know if that means something from feudal Japanese days!

Overall, this is another fantastic release by Bandai in this series. I have seen the IG-88 prototype figure shown at some toy fairs. I really hope they show a prototype of the Gamorrean Guard one day! Hopefully they keep this series going for a few years yet with some more original trilogy characters.