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20 Sept 2020

Sony ZV-1 4K 25p camera footage - Transformers Masterpiece

 Here's more footage using the new Sony ZV-1 camera, this time with some retro backing tunes from the G1 Transformers cartoon. Maybe still need to work on minimising that camera shake, but overall the new camera is looking pretty sweet!

Sony ZV-1 4K 25p camera footage - Collection Update

 I read and saw quite a lot of reviews of the new Sony ZV-1 camera reporting it to be pretty much the best vlogger camera on the market right now. So I thought I'd upgrade from my old crappy JVC camcorder of the past 7 years to this new technology!

Certainly makes for a crisper look at the collection! Hope you can check it out at the link below over on the channel 😀

Nostaglia, upcoming figures, and general thoughts

 Hey all, here was a video I did back in late August covering the latest collection update and upcoming figures I have preordered.