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31 Jul 2015

Play Arts Kai Star Wars Boba Fett and Stormtrooper Box Art

I got the Play Arts Kai Darth Vader figure a few months ago, and just recently got the Boba Fett and Stormtrooper figures. And they are every bit as awesome as Vader!! Here's just the box art pics, which look really classy!

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars reviews

Wow, it's been ages since I updated the website. Have been pretty lazy and just focused on the Facebook page and YouTube channel the past few weeks. So will post up a few news and bits and pieces that has happened with me and the collection over the last few weeks!

Here are links to some of the recent Combiner Wars figures I got in. The Leader class Starscream is pretty nice, and I found it much better than the previous Thundercracker I got. Hope you can check out the reviews :)

The Legends class Skywarp is a solid little figure, and every bit as nice as the previous Thundercracker. Hopefully they release Starscream in this size too (although they already released him in a previous line prior to the Combiner Wars).

And here's Rodimus, which is a repaint of the previous Blackjack. Another solid figure, but a few more details in the paint area would help. I guess the mold reuse is getting a bit old too in the Combiner Wars line. I hope they do more unique nolds, but it looks like the reuse is going to continue for the forseeable future.

I get all my Transformers from Robotkingdom! Great folks, so definitely check them out at the link :)

7 Jul 2015

Takara Unite Warriors UW-01 Superion

Got the new Unite Warriors UW-01 Superion set in the other day, being Takara's take on the previously released Hasbro Combiners Wars Aerialbot team. And overall, as is mostly the case with Takara, the paint app and quality is just that step up from Hasbro. Loving the colour on this, especially in combined mode!

Looks pretty damn nice in combined mode with all the rightful team members (none of this Alpha Bravo helicopter bullshit!)

For my full video review and comparison against the Hasbro version, click the link below to check out the video on the Kool Kollectibles channel - make sure to like and subscribe! :)

Stay tuned for more Combiner Wars reviews coming soon too :)