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17 Mar 2015

Transformers Masterpiece - "Masterpiece Moments"

It's been a while since I went through my Transformers Masterpiece collection, and Maz from the TFSource forum inspired me with his term "Masterpiece Moment" to get my collection together.

So here's my video on what my "Masterpiece Moments" are with each of the figure molds. Each one has at least one awesome feature that I love!

Hope you can check it out, subscribe, like, and comment with what your personal "Masterpiece Moments" are!

14 Mar 2015

Transformers Masterpiece MP-11SW

Finally got another MP Seeker in recently with the Hasbro Asia exclusive release of MP-11SW Skywarp. Overall, a great addition to the MP cast with another core Decepticon from Season 1 of the classic cartoon. There are some minor nitpicks of mine though.

Here's my full video review - hope you can check it out, subscribe, like, and comment with your thoughts on the loyal warrior servant :)

And here are some pics with the other MP Decepticons. They are now sorely missing their fearless leader!!

10 Mar 2015

Hot Toys MMS271 Shadow Trooper

Finally got my Hot Toys Shadow Trooper from Sideshow, and it was well worth the wait! As the first Star Wars in this new series from Hot Toys, I'm actually really impressed, and can't wait to see more.

Here's the full video review:

It complements the current crop of Sideshow troopers very well! Now I can't wait for the Hot Toys Stormtrooper 2-pack and the Sideshow Biker Scout! These classic troopers will look amazing displayed together :)

2 Mar 2015

Game of Thrones Season 4 Blu-Ray Limited Edition

Here's my look at the new Game of Thrones Season 4 Limited Edition release that comes with the nice Funko Pop vinyl Joffrey figure. Hope you can check it out :)

I also show the previous collector's editions of the Season 1 to 3 blu-rays too if you're interested. I still love the dragon's egg included with Season 1 :)