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9 Nov 2019

Lego 75252 UCS Star Destroyer

Here are my quick thoughts on the new Lego Star Destroyer. Click through below to check out the video over at the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. I also give some thoughts on the messy state of my collection room!

Here are the in progress pics as I went through the build. Lots of interesting techniques to assemble this model!

Bag 1 - Interesting way to integrate the stand/base directly into the structure of the model. Only just the beginning, but you start to get a feel for the size of this thing.

Bag 2 - Some interesting ways to connect and secure these long framing parts. I'm not a big Technic builder, so lots of techniques were new to me.

Bag 3 - Placing the greeble along the framing edges got a bit tiresome, but the end result does look really nice. Love the way the turbolasers come together on the sides!

Bags 4 and 5 - The way in which the panels connect to the frame is nice and firm with the ball joint mechanism. There's also a bit of difference in the greeble detailing to break up the symmetry (not that anyone is really going to see it being the bottom surface of the model!)

Bag 6 - These two assemblies attached to the bottom of the frame. That lower one has a nice little mini-TIE Fighter and can also fit the mini-TantiveIV to recreate that opening scene capturing the blockade runner.

Bag 7 - The two angled panels are nicely attached at the rear. It's always interesting to see how the designer worked out how to attach the panels at just the right angle to meet the other panels in a flush way!

Bags 8, 9, and 10 - These essentially complete the bottom and most of the rear areas of the model. Lego shipped out the one missing plate to allow a flap to be attached to the rear enginer. Pretty good customer service!

Bags 11 to 14 - Completed the top panels. Love how the cannons assemble together on the top. I got a lot of joy just spinning the damn things! After this, it was the last few bags to add the top part including the bridge.

And here it is all done! Now to figure out where in the hell I'm going to display this damn thing! 😂

6 Nov 2019

Storm Collectibles Ryu and Ken from Ultra Street Fighter 2

Here's my look at the Storm Collectibles Ryu and Ken from Ultra Street Fighter 2. Not bad overall - definitely looking forward to Guile and Sagat!

Some more pics below.