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15 Aug 2015

Hot Toys MMS266 Battle Damaged Robocop and Alex Murphy

The Hot Toys diecast Robocop figure is a great figure in its own right, but when I saw the teaser pics of the Battle Damaged version with the Peter Weller head sculpt, I knew I had to have that version too!

And now having the two-pack with Alex Murphy in hand, I am absolutely glad that I went through with the purchase because these are some of Hot Toys' best head sculpts that I've seen!

For my full video review, click the link below to head on over to the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel and check it out :)

The packaging is the usual simple but classy Hot Toys design. Love the front pic of the two characters.

Everything comes nicely packaged, with a ton of nice accessories.

The outfit on Murphy is really nicely tailored, but of course it's the battle damage on the Robocop figure that is the true standout feature. The paint application is outstanding, showing off blood, rust, scorch marks, twisted metal etc. It's incredible the amount of detail they can put into these figures!

And of course the other feature that collectors love about this is the head sculpt. Is it an incredible likeness to Peter Weller from the movie, both for the Murphy and Robocop figures! The detailing on the Robocop head is particularly impressive.

Hot Toys just simply excels in the skin texture and paint application to give that extra bit of realism over any of their competitors right now.

If you're a fan of classic 80s action movies, I cannot recommend this figure set enough! It looks amazing up close, and has a lot of shelf presence on display. With a ton of accessories and a couple of incredibly realistic head sculpts, this is a release by Hot Toys that will be a benchmark for many years to come!

Click the link below to head on over to Sideshow Collectibles and pick up this set for yourself :)

Sideshow Collectibles - Hot Toys MMS266 Battle Damaged Robocop and Alex Murphy

9 Aug 2015

Play Arts Kai Stormtrooper

Here's my full review of the Play Arts Kai Stormtrooper figure. It's probably my favourite out of the three that they've released so far! Click through below to the review, and head on down for some photos too :)

The overall aesthetic of this Stormtrooper is just bad ass! He actually looks like he means business and is a warrior to be reckoned with!

I found the articulation to be better than Boba Fett, with an easier range of motion especially in the torso. The white gloss paint app throughout the armour also looks amazing.

Love the weapons and their interesting take on the classic standard blaster and long rifle. Instantly recognisable, but different enough to fit in well with this variant style.

My only nitpick would be that I think the Stormtrooper is probably slightly too tall. I would've preferred the height of the trooper and Boba to be reversed. But regardless, these variant figures look amazing together. The Japanese companies are really taking Star Wars figures to another level this year! Highly recommended! :)

2 Aug 2015

Play Arts Kai Boba Fett

Here's my full video review of the Play Arts Kai Boba Fett figure. Overall, and fantastic addition to this new Star Wars line from Square Enix! Click through below to the review, and head on down for some photos too :)

Not much bad that I can say about the Play Arts Kai Boba Fett figure! The overall paint and detailing is great, which lots of options for poseability too. Perhaps the only negative thing that I could nitpick on is the relatively small size of the helmet, but that's pretty minor in the scheme of things.

The styling really does make it look bad ass in pretty much any pose! I'll stick to his standard pose like this, but the use of the flight stand and flamethrower accessory gives lots of options too.

You can still get this from Big Bad Toy Store, so click on through at the link here before it sells out!!