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18 Oct 2022

Tweeterhead Hordak's minion

Tweeterhead took over the reins from Sideshow for their Legends series of Masters of the Universe statues. And they have done a fantastic job. Their Hordak statue was beautiful, and this Minion companion piece is just as nice.

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The set comes with a separate base that needs some simple assembly to attach the Minion on its perch. The only part of the statue that I think requires care is the end of the tail. I think mine has a tiny break where the end of the tail does not finish in a sharp end. The very tip may have snapped off in the packaging, but luckily it's not too noticeable.

Other than that, everything else about the Minion is perfect. The sculpting from all angles is beautifully done, with great details in the skin texture. I like the pose too, where it appears to be reaching down with one arm to give it a bit of dynamism. The paint application overall is very nicely done too. The base has a nice metallic sheen to the silver, and complements the Hordak base perfectly. 

The paint on the Minion itself really brings out the details in the sculpt. It has great shades of red, browns, and blacks. The texture on the wings looks nice, with a leathery sheen to the paint, and gradations in the shading that make it look almost transluscent. The finger tips at the ends of the wings look great too with the shiny black claws. 

The ridges on the back look great to give that dragon-esque style, and the darker paint brings out the details against the mostly red back. The head sculpt is fantastic, with gorgeous yellow eyes that have a nice sheen to them. The mouth and tongue also have a good sheen, and the teeth are appropriately dirty. The open mouthed snarl is perfect in this pose.

As you can see below, this Minion really is the perfect companion piece to the Hordak. When it was first announced, I actually thought it was going to be some blue variant of Imp. But I'm glad they went with this interpretation of the Minion, which is more similar to the piece that came with the Hordak from the MOTU Classics line of 6" figures. I think it suits this more mature, modern aesthetic of this series of statues.

I hope Tweeterhead continue their great work in this series. I already have the incredible Mer-Man and Trap Jaw statues preordered. I think Sorceress and Beastman have also been teased with some 3D renders. I am hoping to also see Man-At-Arms and TriKlops. Then I think I'd be content to have all the core cast of MOTU characters I loved as a kid.