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30 Jan 2014

Some more pics of this side of the home theatre :)

Thought it was time for me to put back on display the Star Wars Vintage Collection figures I had collected a while back. And I'm definitely glad I did!! I'm really liking the way the shelf looks now.

With most of the TVC figures now up top, I think it looks much better this way than with the NECA 6" figures I had from the Aliens and Predator lines. Not sure where I'm going to put those, but for now this setup is the way I'll have it for a while :)

28 Jan 2014

Ikea Expedit shelf with glass doors installed

The Expedit book shelf from Ikea is a pretty decent way of displaying your figures, but is wide open. To combat dust, Ikea released the glass door inserts for each cubicle that can be installed as you see fit! And they are pretty damn cool!

Here are most of the 6" figures out of the shelf for a quick clean before I installed the glass doors. Definitely seems the Black Series figures get lost in the awesome colour and vibrancy of the MOTUC figures! :)

And here they are all back in the shelf with the glass doors installed. Nice and neat, but still missing something to make it really pop. Not sure what, but will live with it for now. I guess there's still lots of room for me to organise my TVC figures and anything else I get in this scale (not much on order this year).

Here's a quick vid of me showing the shelf and glass doors on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel! Hope you can check it out, subscribe, like, and comment with your thoughts too :)

Thanks, and talk to you all soon! :)

25 Jan 2014

Bit of spare time , so some random action figure pics coming out this week :)

Still loving the Soundwave minions. Can't wait for Ratbat to come out in March with Soundblaster :)

Ravage on the hunt.

Now I reckon this would've been a pretty kool confrontation in the movie :)

Stay tuned over the next week for more random pics :)

17 Jan 2014

Sideshow announces upcoming 1/4 scale Premium Format statues from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The First Avenger was one of the initial origin story movies from the first phase of Avengers movies that I enjoyed. The trailers for the sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier look pretty damn good too.

Before the movie has released, Sideshow has just announced that they'll be releasing 1/4 scale Premium Format statues from the movie! Click this LINK to see more details!

Definitely looking forward to seeing what collectibles both Sideshow and Hot Toys will be releasing for the upcoming movie! If you want to see what current Captain America collectibles are available at Sideshow, click HERE!!

9 Jan 2014

End of 2013 Collection Summary

It's already past the first week of 2014, so I figured I better hurry up and post up an end-of-2013 collection summary. 2013 was certainly a great year, with 6/7" figures being the surprising factor. I spent more money on those than any other line of figures that I collect! I can thank getting into the MOTU Classics line late for that one, with some crazy prices for a small number of figures.

Either way, I'm glad I've left the catch up days of 2012 behind, and was able to focus on getting mostly what I wanted on preorders in 2013 (aside from the already mentioned MOTUC line). I only got 2 Hot Toys figures in 2013, with the DX11 Joker and DX13 Battle Damaged Terminator. I should've also got the Amazing Spiderman figure, but shoulder issues meant further delays on probably the most delayed Hot Toys figure ever!

2014 is already heading into a rush, with the Sideshow Vader on its way, and Hot Toys Man of Steel and Amazing Spiderman not too far behind. I also have Sideshow's Commaner Wolffe coming, and Hot Toys Robocop and 1966 Dynamic Duo coming later. Further to that, there's the Toynami Lion Force Voltron, more Masterpiece Transformers, new waves of Star Wars 6" Black Series, and the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Avengers Now line of statues! So 2014 is looking pretty damn amazing already!! :)

Check out the end of year collection summary video on the Kool Kollectibles channel below:

Also here are some of the latest pics I've taken of my display room at the end of 2013. Can't wait for the 2014 figures to start rolling in! :)

5 Jan 2014

Star Wars 6" Black Series Wave 2 - Slave Leia, Boba Fett, Greedo, and Han Solo

I finally received my order of the Hasbro 6" Star Wars Black Series Wave 2 figures a few days ago. I'm definitely glad I did preorder online though, because these are getting quite hard to find instore, especially Boba Fett. Overall, these figures are just as awesome as those from Wave 1, so read on ahead for my thoughts :)

Black Series #05 Princess Leia (Slave Outfit)
There's probably no more iconic outfit for Princess Leia than her Slave outfit, except perhaps her white gown from the Death Star battle. So it's probably not surprising that Hasbro decided her first appearance in the 6" line would be her bikini from Jabba's palace.

Overall I think a pretty decent job was done with her likeness. Mine came with eyes that were at least painted straight, whereas others I've seen have been pretty bad. The skin complexion is also OK, and the bikini mold itself works well with the expected soft-goods of her skirt.

Her braided hair is done in a nice softer plastic and looks OK draped over her shoulder. The silver chain around her neck is unfortunately plastic - a metal chain would've been a nice extra touch to make this stand out in what is supposedly the premier Star Wars action figure range in this scale.

Articulation is great with all the points except for the ankle rockers, which is pretty disappointing for me. All these points of articulation should be standard in a figure of this scale. Accessories wise, she comes with a couple of spears which are nicely painted, but that's it. I would've loved if they had somehow done swap out legs like previously with the smaller scale such that she could lie down in her iconic pose in front of Jabba. That would've been the icing on the cake!!

For a more detailed look and more of my thoughts, check out the video review of the Princess Leia figure on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel below:

Black Series #06 Boba Fett
I was lucky enough to have got my hands on the SDCC2013 exclusive Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite set, which pretty much immediately started selling for crazy prices on ebay. But for all the fans that missed out, there wasn't too much grief with the announcement Boba was to be released in Wave 2.

It's pretty much the identical figure, with just tiny differences in the weathering effects. I still have my SDCC set boxed, so this was the first time I had actually had the chance to play around with Boba in this scale. It is such a huge improvement over the Vintage Collection 3.75" figure, and an awesome compromise if you can't go all the way to the 1/6th scale version from Sideshow.

The paint app all round is excellent, as is the articulation. He comes with his blaster, rifle, and rocket pack, and the cloak is a decent enough fabric. He is definitely the stand out figure in this wave, and flies off the shelves. If you're even thinking a little about getting into this line, do not delay and pick this Boba up as soon as you can before scalpers get to it!!

For a more detailed look and more of my thoughts, check out the video review of the Boba Fett figure on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel below:

Black Series #07 Greedo
Greedo was one figure that the marketing folks really promoted in the lead up to Wave 2. Lots of prototype pics and progress updates were posted online to tease the figure. And I have to say it has lived up to the hype.

The head sculpt is a standout, and looks great with lots of molded detail. The outfit too is nicely done, with a separately molded orange jacket that has been weathered nicely. Even the brighter green of the rest of his outfit looks quite good, although I can't quite recall if he looked that green in the movie!

He only comes with one little blaster, but I guess that's all he really needs to re-enact the iconic cantina scene with Han Solo. He also has all the great articulation points, and is definitely one of the best releases in the line so far, behind only Boba and the Sandtrooper I would say.

For a more detailed look and more of my thoughts, check out the video review of the Greedo figure on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel below:

Black Series #08 Han Solo
The last figure in the range is the classic Han Solo smuggler from A New Hope. This outfit is pretty much the go-to figure for Hasbro when it comes to Han Solos, and I think they've done a pretty good job with this one.

The head sculpt is probably the best likeness I've seen of a Han in these smaller scales (not perfect though), and the paint app is nice and clean. The outfit features a similar separately molded vest like that of Greedo. One stupid thing was the way in which the figure was packaged with the Stormtrooper belt instead of his classic blaster holster and belt. Needless to say I swapped it out immediately.

Compared to the much maligned Vintage Collection version, this is a big improvement, although I still think the smaller one is pretty great too! The direct comparison just drives home why this bigger scale is worth the extra price of admission against the 3.75" scale.

Overall, with this figure being a great representation at this scale, I'm now really looking (and hoping) for a Chewbacca to be done in this scale. I still havent got a Chewbacca figure in my collection in any scale (!!) to to start with one at 6" would be sweet!

For a more detailed look and more of my thoughts, check out the video review of the Han Solo figure on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel below:

Here's a group photo to finish up this quick look at Wave 2. Definitely a great set of figures, and hopefully Hasbro can continue with this pretty high standard for the upcoming waves in 2014! :)

1 Jan 2014

Kool Kollectibles 10,000 Likes Celebration Album!

As part of the celebration for the Kool Kollectibles Facebook page reaching 10,000 fans, I requested fans to submit photos of themselves and their favourite collectible! I did something similar for the 5000 likes milestone, and I just love how it brings collectors from around the world together.

I received over 70 photos from collectors all over the world, from regular posters/commenters on Kool Kollectibles, to members of FB groups such as One Sixth Republic, Action Figure Addicts, and Transformers Addicts, to new followers of Kool Kollectibles just wanting to join in on the fun! There were also many submissions from some great YouTube reviewers that I've been fans of for a long time!

I have just posted the album of pics to the Kool Kollectibles Facebook page, so click the link HERE to go check out all the incredible pics. I am so thankful to all the collectors who were gracious enough to submit photos of themselves and their collections. The collecting community is just awesome, and I love being a part of it! Hope you can check it out :)