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21 Jan 2024

Super7 Silverhawks

It seemed like ages waiting for Super7 to release the Silverhawks figures. Each Super7 release always appears to be accompanied by controversy either in changed sculpt, changed paint, or both. The release of the main cast of the Silverhawks team was no different, but overall I'm pretty happy to finally have them in the 80s cartoon collection.

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Super7 aways does a great job for collector packaging, but all of that ends up in the recycling for me. Each figure comes with a pretty good assortment of accessories, including swap out arms/wings, head sculpts, hands, weapons, and companion birds.

Sculpting and paint application overall is pretty good too. The body paint is not the chromed look that many would like, but I don't mind the more matte finish with that slight pearlescence. It matches more of the cartoon look from their other figures in my collection, so that's fine by me.

Bluegrass for me has the best accessories, with the guitar pieces. The smirk and wink on the head sculpt also gives his character some personality in the display. Steelwill looks pretty good, but I would definitely prefer if he was slightly larger in scale. The sculpt has the bulk, but overall size seems smaller than Quicksilver.

That might be mostly cartoon accurate, but the sculpts I think would just look better in proportion to each other if he was either bigger, or Quicksilver slightly smaller. Either way, they still look great as a team.

I also got Mon-Star in his transformed, larger form. As you can see below, he is a pretty massive figure, which scales nicely. Articulation is pretty limited at that size, but overall I think articulation is not great on any of the figures. Steelheart in particular limited around the torso and waist, so she's pretty much a standup statue.

Took me ages to manage to get Tally-Hawk perching nicely on Quicksilver's arm. I had to use the right arm because the left was just too loose and could not hold out horizontally with the bird on top. Now I just need a Copper Kidd to finish out the team.

As I said, overall I think these look pretty damn good on the shelf with other 80s cartoon characters. They're not the greatest figures in this scale, but definitely a nice bit of nostalgia for those that grew up watching the old show.

17 Jan 2024

Figma Table Museum SP-151 The Birth of Venus

This Table Museum series of figures is just so interesting and different, that I can't resist buying more! This release from back in 2023 was my latest addition to the series. I'm not just waiting on the Mona Lisa to release later this year!

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Great looking standalone display piece!

Looks great with the others in their classic forms too!

Tut trying to give David a scare! 😂