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6 Jan 2020

Latest Collection Photos slideshow

Here's my slideshow of my collection photos over the past few months.

2 Jan 2020

End of 2019 Collection Update

Well it's the start of a new decade now, so here's my end of 2019 collection update video. It was actually a slower year for me in 2019, with a bit more focus on some major pieces instead of getting lots of items this year.

Thanks again to everyone that has tuned into the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel and interacted with me on the Facebook page. It's always been fantastic to be part of such a great collecting community. Hope you can all stick around to see what I have coming to my collection in 2020 and beyond!

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-88 Dairugger XV Vehicle Force Voltron

Back in 2013 I got the Miracle Productions MA-01 Vehicle Force Voltron. That was perhaps the best representation of the character in diecast form for many years. Unfortunately the release was plagued with quality issues (albeit mine were minimised since I had the subsequent version that had some QC issues fixed from the very initial released version).

Then of course Bandai released the Soul of Chogokin GX-71 GoLion (Lion Force Voltron) in 2017, which showed how amazing they are in making diecast metal robots! Every fan was praying for them to also make the Dairugger XV Vehicle Force Voltron. It took them over 2 years to get there, but this GX-88 Dairugger XV is a phenomenal figure, and really does blow the Miracle Productions version out of the water.

Click through below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can give the video a thumbs up, and also subscribe to the channel!

Just like the GX-71 GoLion, this set is beautifully packaged, with gorgeous box art and all the accessories you'd want to have with this figure! The display stand with the accessories is again a nice touch, but I just don't have the space to display it. So both the stands and most accessories for this GX-88 and the previous GX-71 are back in the box.

The chroming on all the relevant accessories is very nicely done. It's all very clean with little to no sprue marks that I could see. The array of hands suits all the poses and fits the applicable accessories nicely.

The Ground Team (Land Division) comes together nicely. The overall assembling experience across all the teams is far more enjoyable with this GX-88 than with the MA-01 version. I never felt like I had to struggle and use excessive force to peg or connect components together. The design of the features to assemble the teams is far more intuitive and easy.

The only thing I don't particularly like about the Ground Team components is the large front bumper on the cars. It's definitely more noticeble when they are separate components, but become less noticeable when fully assembled into Voltron. Since that's the way in which I'll be displaying the set in my collection, I'm overall OK with it.

The Sea Team (Sea Division) are also nicely done. I love the chromed pieces that can be attached to the vehicles to give that extra bit of detail, and then removed for the full Voltron mode. The metallic blue is a beautiful shade, and the overall paint application is sharp with no colour bleed. Again, the way in which the components come together is much cleaner and simpler than with the MA-01 version.

The Air Team (Air Division) look great too. The helicopters are painted more accurate to the cartoon than the MA-01 version, and the pieces come together nicely. The only aspect of the MA-01 version I prefer is the magnetic base to the Falcon Jet Fighter. The use of magnets makes the connection to the chest piece much easier. There were a couple of times where the clips on this version made me feel like I was just about to snap something trying to get it off.

Whatever material they've used is pretty strong, so I haven't had any issues. But a simpler mechanism would've been much better. But at least the head piece is a huge improvement.

 The experience to form Voltron is very enjoyable, with simple clicks and pushes to get everything solidly assembled. I didn't have to break out in a sweat, swear, or hurt my fingers like I did with the MA-01 version!

The articulation and stability of this GX-88 is also amazing. Bandai really does know how to use diecast in all the best strategic places. This maxmises strength and stability in the figure, such as the hips and ankles.

Getting this into some heroic and quite dynamic poses is a joy, and it holds up beautifully next to the GoLion. I'm so happy that this can even get both hands together to hold the sword in front.

My favourite part of the articulartion would have to be the hips, where there is strength to allow some wide poses and more natural stances. The ankle articulation allows the feet to be flat in most poses to help with stability.

Posed next to GX-71 GoLion, you can't help but think that these two sets really are the definitive versions of the two Voltrons every released. They scale quite well together, and the quality of both sets is visible to anyone that sees them.

These two will be proud additions to my collection, and won't ever be leaving it! I still remember all those Saturday mornings and afternoons after school watching classic 80s cartoons, and the Voltron series were among my favourite. It makes me so happy that Bandai have released such high quality versions of these two that I'll be able to enjoy for many years to come!

Storm Collectibles Guile from Ultra Street Fighter 2

Just like the Sagat figure, this Guile is another fun figure in this Street Fighter 2 series by Storm Collectibles. The whole package I think is excellent, with lots of aspects that really bring back memories of the character in the arcade game.

Click through below to check out my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

The set is again jam-packed with accessories. The head sculpts are a stand out as usual, with fantastic paint application. The blood and the eyes are really nicely done. They suit the array of hands and fight move effects like the sonic boom and flash kick.

You'll need a different figure stand to hold the figure upside down if you want to use the flash kick accessory. But one of the Bandai action stands should do the trick. The two sonic boom effects are nicely molded too and look great posed with the figure.

Articulation is pretty good, although there is significant gappage in the torso area. The soft rubber upper torso tends to fold and get caught in the gap, which is unfortunate. Other than that, the other aspects of articulation are pretty good.

I love that they included the comb to get him into that classic combing hair victory pose. The colour and style of the figure just bring back so many great memories of the various Street Fighter 2 variants.

I really hope that Storm continue this SF2 series, and announce characters like E.Honda and Blanka. Here's hoping for announcements soon in 2020!

Storm Collectibles Sagat from Ultra Street Fighter 2

I love that Storm Collectibles are making Street Fighter 2 figures. That's the arcade game that started it all for me back in the early 90s, and these figures bring me so much nostalgia. It's great that the quality of these figures is pretty damn good too!

Click below to check out my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

These Storm figure sets come jam-packed with accessories, which are all of high quality. I especially love the alternate head sculpts that really gives a lot of options for poses and photo opportunities. The sculpting and paint application on each head sculpt is excellent for this scale.

The array of swap out hands, display stand, and the Tiger Shot flame give all the options you need for the action poses.

The articulation of the figure is surprisingly good. And the balance is beautiful too, which joints that are firm enough to hold a decent fighting pose without toppling over. The only area of concern when posing are the ankles, where using the tilting and rocking motions may scratch off the white paint of the feet straps.

Other than that, all the joints give a very wide range of motion that can get him into all the classic fighting move poses for the character. The figure scales pretty well with the Ryu too, and the body proportions look nicer unlike the more stocky, short-legged style of Ryu and Ken.

If you're a fan of Street Fighter 2, and played in the arcades like I did, I think you'll love these figures. It's just a lot of fun posing them together to try to recreate those fighting rounds that are ingrained in my memory!

Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization Kylo Ren

They timed the release of this Kylo Ren pretty well with the release of the Rise of Skywalker. The figure overall looks pretty nice and fits in well with the others in the series. There are a few annoying aspects to the figure though.

Check out my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel below.

Contents out of the box are the standard fare, with just a small selection of swap out hands and his broad sword. The style of the sword isn't really Japanese, being more medieval Europe in design, but I think it still looks pretty nice.

The mask is quite nicely done, with decent protruding spikes to give it that menacing style. It would've been interesting if they had made the eyes somewhat visible, but they went with an inset look that doesn't reveal anything underneath. That works better for Vader I think.

The main issues for me with the figure are around the cape, the elbows, and the kama. The cape really hinders the shoulder articulation and can't really be moved out of the way. It's all one big hard molded piece.

The elbows are the new style of massive single hinged ball joints that really break the design of the arms. The previous elbow designs for the likes of Vader, Boba Fett, and the troopers is a far better design. This new design for the sequel trilogy is a step backwards in aesthetics, and I hope they don't continue this with any original trilogy figures they have planned.

The kama I thought was on ball joints like the Phasma figure, but it actually seems to be glued together at the top of the waist with the other floating piece. It just feels really difficult to move around due to its length. The weathering is a little heavy handed, but the patterning is pretty good.

All in all, the figure does pose well, with nice ankle articulation. I wish the arms could get just a bit higher to reach some of the poses I'd prefer for Kylo. But posed together with Phasma and the First Order Trooper, they do make for a nice addition to the series.

7 Dec 2019

Transformers Masterpiece MP-45 Bumblebee

The original release of G1 Bumblebee in the TF Masterpiece series was met with mostly positive reactions from collectors. Even today many collectors love the design, although I think it's looked quite dated against the MP figures over the past 2-3 years.

After MP-44 Optimus was announced, it wasn't too much of a surprise that Takara also announced a new mold for Bumblebee. Now that it's released, I think overall the new figure is a definite improvement over the original release.

Click through below for my video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

I also did a subsequent video comparing the new mold to a number of other MP figures in the series. I think the design is pretty innovative to give it all the articulation and G1 cartoon aesthetics that it has, and really makes it fit in beautifully with the more recent figures. Check it out below!

Packaging is the usual MP stylr we know and love. It doesn't come with too many accessories this time. The stickers are pretty useless overall (I can't even remember what episode they were from). If anything, most collectors would use the heart symbol to go with the I heart New York number plate.

The Spike figure is the same ridiculously stupid figure from MP-44 I think. I didn't even bother trying to get it fitting into the VW car mode. It is just a crap little figure that is not worth the effort for me! The set also includes the swap out face sculpts and blaster effects that are common in the more recent releases. The bio card has some decent artwork, but I still prefer the older classic styled cards.

The alt mode is a perfect rendition of the super-deformed style of the G1 cartoon. Definitely not the realistic style of the original MP-21, but that's OK by me. The original will join the other original cars that I changed to their car modes once I got the corresponding "+" versions. This new MP-45 will be with my core G1 figures in the display in bot mode.

And what an awesome bot mode it is! Lots of collectors have complained about the backpack, the sides, and all the visible panels/parts due to the transformation. For me, none of that bothers me at all. I actually think it's pretty amazing that they engineered a transformation that went from a much smaller car to a taller, thinner, and much more cartoon accurate robot than MP-21! The only part that is a disappointment is the back of the feet, but more on that later.

The new head sculpt is a perfect rendition of the G1 cartoon character. The MP-21 sculpt was always off, and this new one recitifies it nicely. The swap out wider smiling face is pretty good, but I was happy to stick with the slightly smiling sculpt.

The chest in bot mode is a great "cheat" in the design to replicate the cheat from the cartoon where the roof of the car becomes much slimer and thinner. Much of the chest comes from the rear of the car mode, and the roof od the car folds away into the backpack. I think it's a great design and makes for much more natural body proportions, just like they did with MP-44 Optimus.

The waist and legs are also a big improvement. The crotch piece has a similar design to MP-44 Optimus where the panels fold away when you raise the leg. Some people have complained about loose leg/hip joints. I thought the same on mine, but then realised that the side skirts on the waist can be brought forward to lock the legs into place so that they don't wobble around.

The way the thighs and lower legs flare out to the feet replicates the cartoon nicely. So the combination of face, chest, waist, and legs are a big improvement over the MP-21 figure. In comparison, the older figure now looks far too barrel-chested, with a turtle shell for a backpack, thin chicken legs, and massive clown feet (see comparison pic further below!).

As I mentioned, the one downside for me is the feet. The designers didn't manage to work out a way to fold away the door and window better, and so the window shows very clearly on the back of the feet. Some poses can hide it fairly well, but for the most part it is pretty insightly.

Interestingly, the feet are only a tiny bit larger than the feet of MP-21! The reason why they look so different is that MP-21 has most of the feet at the front, whereas MP-45 has the feet equally at the front and rear. It makes the feet look pretty nice from the front, but pretty terrible from the back.

But as you can see below, MP-21 really does have massive clown fee. Collectors who say the chest and back is much cleaner are forgetting that they are just massive pieces that do not change at all during the transformation. It constrains how the figure can look due to the car dimensions. I think MP-21 suits G1 toy fans far more than it suits cartoon fans. For G1 fans of the cartoon, I think MP-45 is a much better fit.

Add to that the far better articulation of MP-45, and I think the new mold is a big improvement over the original. I don't buy the argument from some collectors that Takara was lazy with MP-45. They actually showed some engineering innovation, and for the first time gave a cartoon accurate car mode with a cartoon accurate bot mode too! All the folding in the backpack works well and pegs in well for me, so I dont have any complaints about the backpack or sides at all.

It's great that the original still looks nice in its more realistic VW Beetle car mode. It will display nicely with the other original cars such as Sideswipe, Prowl, and Wheeljack in their car modes. The new MP-45 Bumblebee fits in beautifully with the other figures in my collection in bot mode. Some collectors have complained that it is too tall, but it seems to be almost spot on to the official Takara G1 character scale chart!

So for me, MP-45 is another nice addition to the series. I love the G1 aesthetics, and it really does add to the shelf of figures looking like it jumped straight out of the cartoon. I cannot wait to get Hound by the end of the year and see how that turns out!

Here are some of my other G1 figures eagerly waiting for Hound to join them 😃

5 Dec 2019

Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization First Order Stormtrooper

Just recently reviewed the Movie Realization Captain Phasma, and got this First Order Stormtrooper to go with it. Overall has the same issues as the Phasma figure, with the addition of a somewhat deformed helmet.

It looks decent displayed with Phasma, but I think the original trilogy Stormtroopers are a far superior design. Click through below to watch my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Usual packaging style. Figure comes with the shorter sword this time, and the smaller blaster. All up nothing surprising or noteworthy.

Figure looks decent apart from a strange deformation in the helmet. The Phasma helmet looks more natural and wider, whereas the FO Stormtrooper here seems to have his helmet pushed in from the sides. This gives the helmet a strange elongated look that is a little off-putting.

As with Phasma, it has the crappy new big elbow joints and weird ball joints for the side kama pieces. I hope it's only with these figures, and anything new from the OT uses the previous design.

All up, these two First Order buddies look pretty good displayed together. I have Kylo Ren coming soon, and that will probably be enough for me from the Sequel Trilogy. Hopefully they hurry up and announce IG-88 officially, and more OT figures to come. I'd hate for them to concentrate on Sequel Trilogy figures from this point on.

Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization Captain Phasma

It's a shame that Bandai haven't released any more Star Wars Original Trilogy figures, and decided to announce Sequel Trilogy figures instead. But at least this Captain Phasma certainly looks pretty nice, despite me absolutely hating the character in the movies!

Click through below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Packaging is consistent with everything else we've received from this series. It's all classily packaged with some nice artwork. It doesn't come with too many accessories, but what you get looks pretty nice. The scabbard is a nice glossy black with gold highlights. The katana is a longer sword this time which looks great. The rifle is also a larger style that suits the weapon she had in the movie. The range of swap out hands is suitable to hold all the weapons, and as always be careful when swapping out.

The figure itself is a bit of a hit and miss affair. The glossy silver paint app is decent, but mine did come with some annoying paint scratches. I fixed most of them with metallic silver Sharpie, so they're not too noticeable now.

The most annoying thing for me is the use of softer plastic for the shoulder pauldron that deforms as you move it. It just feels like the quality dropped in that area. The decision to use ball joints to attach the side kama skirt pieces is also bloody annoying.

I have no idea why they did that, because it doesn't seem to add any articulation. It just makes adjusting them difficult because they don't align symmetrically with the other parts of the kama. I tried adjusting them and it's too much of a pain in the arse to bother anymore!

The large cape at the rear and on the left shoulder are also a little annoying. The rear is pegged into place with a hole in the back, but at least the shoulder piece can be rotated out of the way. However the part that goes in front of the chin piece hinder articulation of the neck which is also annoying.

Something I didn't really notice until another collector pointed it out to me is that Bandai also changed the elbow joint for these Sequel Trilogy figures. They now have large ball joints that are essentially single jointed elbows, instead of the previous double jointed design. The balls now stick out a lot more and break up the sculpt, which is not good.

In the end, the figure looks pretty good on display, but some of the design changes really are a step back for this series. I hope this is something they do only for the Sequel Trilogy characters. If they announce any more OT figures, I hope they return to the previous design.

Lego Ideas #28 21320 Dinosaur Fossils

Hot on the heels of the Lego Ideas #27 came the #28 Dinosaur Fossils set. I've always loved dinosaurs growing up, and so do my kids now, so getting this set was a no-brainer!

The three parts of the set, each of different size and complexity, make up perhaps the most popular of the dinosaurs, being the T-Rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodon. For the most part, the sets look fantastic, but there are some fiddly parts like the rib pieces that tend to move around and get bumped out of place.

Articulation is limited since the feet are integrated into the stands, but the head and arm movements are decent. I hate that they still use stickers on these sets - I really wish Lego would just make prints! The included mini-figs are pretty nice, especially the human skeleton.

If you're a palaeontology fan, I'd highly recommend this set. I do hope they extend the series and release some other dinosaur variants in this style. I would love a Stegosaurus or Brachiosaurus!

Click through below to watch my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Lego Ideas #27 21319 Friends Central Perk

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, I watched Friends episodes every week when they first aired. It was a TV show that really took you along the journey of the characters, and you really felt invested in their stories. The show still has so many classic scenes and lines that haven't aged at all in the many years since the show finished.

I was very surprised when Lego announced the Central Perk set because I don't usually keep track of all the ideas making through their Ideas program. But I'm definitely glad this set was given the green light! It's a nice little set that brings back so many memories from the show!

Click through below for my video review of the set over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Here's the left side wall completed. Love the menu print on the wall (thank god that wasn's a damn sticker!) The kitchen area is also nicely done, with the big coffee machine being the centrepiece.

Here's the serving area done along with a small customer area. Love the big service arrow that didn't really feature much in the show, but great that Lego designers had that eye for detail. The cash till looks nice as well as the cookie jar. I liked the way they designed the rug areas and furniture to be whole pieces that can be placed or lifted out entirely.

Here's the main entrance to Central Perk and the classic stage area where Phoebe performs her ridiculous songs. The big window looks great, and the doorway brings back lots of memories of classic lines and scenes in that entrance.

Here's the completed main area where the Friends all sit. The couches are pretty nicely done, and gives decent room for the mini-figures to be placed. All in all, if you're a Friends fan looking for a bit of nostalgia, this is a great little display set to show off next to your blurays of the TV series!

9 Nov 2019

Lego 75252 UCS Star Destroyer

Here are my quick thoughts on the new Lego Star Destroyer. Click through below to check out the video over at the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. I also give some thoughts on the messy state of my collection room!

Here are the in progress pics as I went through the build. Lots of interesting techniques to assemble this model!

Bag 1 - Interesting way to integrate the stand/base directly into the structure of the model. Only just the beginning, but you start to get a feel for the size of this thing.

Bag 2 - Some interesting ways to connect and secure these long framing parts. I'm not a big Technic builder, so lots of techniques were new to me.

Bag 3 - Placing the greeble along the framing edges got a bit tiresome, but the end result does look really nice. Love the way the turbolasers come together on the sides!

Bags 4 and 5 - The way in which the panels connect to the frame is nice and firm with the ball joint mechanism. There's also a bit of difference in the greeble detailing to break up the symmetry (not that anyone is really going to see it being the bottom surface of the model!)

Bag 6 - These two assemblies attached to the bottom of the frame. That lower one has a nice little mini-TIE Fighter and can also fit the mini-TantiveIV to recreate that opening scene capturing the blockade runner.

Bag 7 - The two angled panels are nicely attached at the rear. It's always interesting to see how the designer worked out how to attach the panels at just the right angle to meet the other panels in a flush way!

Bags 8, 9, and 10 - These essentially complete the bottom and most of the rear areas of the model. Lego shipped out the one missing plate to allow a flap to be attached to the rear enginer. Pretty good customer service!

Bags 11 to 14 - Completed the top panels. Love how the cannons assemble together on the top. I got a lot of joy just spinning the damn things! After this, it was the last few bags to add the top part including the bridge.

And here it is all done! Now to figure out where in the hell I'm going to display this damn thing! 😂

6 Nov 2019

Storm Collectibles Ryu and Ken from Ultra Street Fighter 2

Here's my look at the Storm Collectibles Ryu and Ken from Ultra Street Fighter 2. Not bad overall - definitely looking forward to Guile and Sagat!

Some more pics below.

20 Sep 2019

Legacy of Revoltech LR-057 Jessie from Toy Story

I've waited for a reissue of the Revoltech Jessie for years now, and thanksfully they finally released it! It perfectly complements the Revoltech Woody and Buzz as you'd expect. Click through below to watch my review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Poseability is always a focus for Revoltech figures, and Jessie is no exception. Glad they included a stand with this one though, since her feet are so small. Getting a decent balance is tricky so the stand really helps for stability in the display cabinet.

Setup with Buzz and Woody only makes me wish they made the whole gang! But I'm happy enough with these three in the collection. Definitely brings some great colour and great memories of a fantastic trilogy (still haven't seen the fourth movie yet!)

Back to the Future Hover Board Bottle Opener

Here's a great little tool in time for the warmer weather coming in Australia!

Click through below to watch my review of the Back to the Future Hover Board bottle opener. Hope you can subscribe and give the video a thumbs up too :)

Choose your beer, then choose your opener!