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31 Aug 2013

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Cyborg statue

Kotobukiya finally released their last statue from the core group of the New 52 Justice League this month, with the release of Cyborg! And it was definitely worth the wait! With the team setup together, they look simply outstanding!

The Cyborg statue stands just on 20.5cm (or over 8") in height, and is the tallest from the core group of seven. As with the others in the line, the paintwork is sensational, and has very little slop. The face sculpt is very nicely done, and blends the skin and metallic face cover neatly.

The metallic silver over the suit gorgeously reflect the light, and has subtle differences in the silver tone throughout. I also love the varying greys around the torso and thighs that give some variety to the suit.

The pose is simple, but matches perfectly the box artwork and the others in the team. Perhaps the only thing that I personally think they could've done better would be the feet. They seem a little too chunky, but this is only a minor quibble. The arm cannon is nicely detailed and sculpted, with beautifully done red accents that simulate bright lights.

The detailing on the rear is also sensational, with the jet pack looking sweet, and the red centrepoint being very well defined. The forearms and calves also look great with the detailing in the suit and colour variations.

Like the others, the statue looks incredible from pretty much all angles, and definitely has a lot of shelf presence due to its size and bulk compared to the others. It comes with the standard magnetic base and little magnets in the feet, so it stands firmly on its base.

I've mentioned before that I haven't really followed the DC Comics, but this new line of statues from Kotobukiya have definitely tweaked my interest now! They have done a sensational effort on all fronts with these statues - sculpting, detail, stands, poses, and especially the amazing paint application! I could not recommend these statues any higher - if you're remotely into comics, superheroes, movies, or just the geeky side of things, then you should definitely look into these!

Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review below!

Kool Kollectibles "5000 Likes" Celebration!!!! We have a WINNER!!! :)

Morning all!! As you might know, I've been running a "5000 Likes" celebration on the Kool Kollectibles Facebook page this week. Folks have been submitting pics of themselves and their favourite nostalgic collectible, and it's been an amazing week of stories and pics.

As part of the celebration, one person would be randomly selected as the winner of a copy of the upcoming Dark Horses "The Star Wars" comic. The first issue is coming out in early September, so it was the perfect time to run the competition :)

So I filmed the podcast this morning to draw the winner. And congratulations to CALEB PIQUE!!!! I'll be in touch my friend!!! :)

Check out the podcast here:

Hope you can all subscribe to the channel, and head over to the Facebook page and give it a like! Share your collections!!! The competition might be over, but let's keep going with the celebration of all that is KOOL and KOLLECTIBLE!!! Thanks everyone!

24 Aug 2013

Lego 21103 Cuusoo #004 Back to the Future set

Hey all, I finally received by order of the Lego 21103 Cuusoo Back to the Future set! And as the first Back to the Future collectible I've owned, I'm loving this little set!! :)

I was very excited when this was announced quite a while ago, so was keeping track of released dates and potential retailers. But as the release date drew near, I still didn't really know who I could order this from! The official Lego site had this for around $100 shipped to Australia, which really was a little too high for this item.

But luckily, a friend and follower of the Kool Kollectibles Facebook page posted that he had ordered from a UK online retailer called Zavvi for about $60 shipped to Australia. Still pretty expensive, but a lot cheaper than the official Lego site and ebay prices! So I jumped on and ordered immediately!

And after about 10 days, it arrived very nicely protected and packaged for shipping. I was definitely glad to finally get it in and see if it lived up to the hype!

The box art is pretty nicely done, and seems slightly better quality than the standard Lego sets that are released. But at this premium price range, that should be expected!

The back cover art shows off the three variants of the Delorean that can be built. For me, I stuck with the classic version from the first movie, although changing to the other variants is quite easy and simple.

Normally Lego releases comes with a sticker set, but I was definitely glad that this BTTF set does not, and all the decos are tamped on, so no fumbling around trying to get stickers perfectly straight!

I love how they changed the date so reflect the date the first Lego brick was produced. Nice little touch there by Lego!

Another point of interest is the mis-spelling of the word "shield" on the flux capacitor. Apparently Lego have been recalling stock to correct the piece, so I've been told to hang onto this piece as it might become a rare collectors piece one day! Strange, because that never even occurred to me! I was simply going to email Lego and ask if they could send me a replacement piece since I heard they are very good at doing that with customers. I'll have to wait and see how that turns out :)

The build itself is not too difficult, and took me just on an hour, but should be quicker for more experienced Lego builders. It's enjoyable without being too frustrating, and the end result looks great!

Some reviews have said that the design could've been more streamlined and less blocky, and perhaps could have been a larger scale. But I actually like a lot of the design elements they used and makes it quite flexible to modifications if you're so inclined.

The scale suits the included Doc and Marty mini-figs, and they do fit in sungly inside the car. I love that the doors swing up as they should, and the use of hinges is nice on a lot of areas in the design.

The Delorean looks sweet from pretty much all angles except perhaps directly front on. The side and rear views are the best, showing a lot of the little details that they included.

I love the classic number plate, and they also include the variant plate from the second movie where it turns into a barcode. But the OUTATIME plate is pure classic, so that's how mine will stay :)

The wheels are rubberised, which is pretty standard for Lego vehicles these days (I would love if Kreo did that too!!) Overall, I love that I have this little set in my collection now. It looks great on display with Doc and Marty, so if you can find one in stock for a reasonable price, I'd just straight on it! It seems to be selling out quickly wherever it is listed, so get in while you can!!

I also did a video review up on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel, so check that out if you can! Like, comment, subscribe!! Talk to you all soon! ;)

12 Aug 2013

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Batman statue

The last Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 statue I received, that are currently available, is the Batman statue. And wow this New 52 design is AWESOME!! I'm not sure what all the fans are complaining about! I think this costume perfectly blends the classic with the modern, and makes for a beautiful suit in its detailing and colour.

The head sculpt has some clear anime influence to it, and the cowl and overall head sculpt is beautifully done. The metallic silver on this suit is amazingly done by Kotobukiya, and is the stand out feature on this statue. I love the new lines and pattern on the New 52 suits, and this paint app simply brings it to life.

The pose is simple on this one, which suits the character pretty well. And I love the way the cape flows back over the shoulders and doesn't come too far forward of the arms. That look was fine for Keaton Batman, but this new character needs to show off that suit!

The gauntlets on this statue are also amazingly detailed and painted well. With the shiny boots, the black here accentuates the silver in a very classy way.

As with the others, again the statue looks incredible from all angles. These statues don't just have one hero angle, but look perfect no matter the viewing direction. As you can see in the above photo, the cape drapes beautifully over the back.

And did I say the cape was beautiful? I mean just LOOK at that sculpting!! I know it's just a cape, but the way they've sculpted the elegant flow of the cape, the figure also looks amazingly awesome and ominous from the rear view. It's done with a softer plastic material, but be careful when moving around as those sharper points in the cape may break off if you bump it against something.

Again the statue comes with a magnetic base and magnets in the feet. The statue feels very secure and stable on this stand, perhaps with the additional and evenly distributed weight of the large cape. The stance is quite wide too, which helps with the stability.

Overall, this Batman is my favourite among the six New 52 statues so far. Sure the paint app isn't as amazingly in-your-face beautiful as the Flash or Aquaman, but this one is a little more subtle in its awesomeness. The silver shine, and amazing detail in the gauntlets along with the deep metallic blacks, coupled with a beautifully sculpted cape, really make this statue the standard bearer in an already stellar lineup! It gets my highest recommendation!

Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review below!

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Wonder Woman statue

I don't have many female characters in my collection, but if you're going to start, what more iconic character could there be but Wonder Woman! I watched the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show back in the day, but like so many other of the Justice League characters, it's been about that long since I've really read or known much about their stories.

There's been a lot of controversy over the New 52 character design changes, and none more so than Wonder Woman. Before the #1 issue of the New 52 comics, it was revealed that Wonder Woman would sport a new suit with pants, and not her iconic bikini.

I guess the fan outrage was heard, because I believe prior to the release of the first issue, the cover art was changed to revert her back to a bikini. Thankfully this Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Wonder Woman statue retains her pants-on look, which I totally prefer.

I'm not one to be prudish, and love fan service as much as anybody (gratuitous Chun Li shower scene excitement anybody?) But on Wonder Woman, I think this suits her fine. The costume, coupled with the simple and stern pose and facial expression, make for a hero to be reckoned with, not one to be perved at. Maybe I'm just showing my age, but this version just seems more kick-ass to me than one jumping around in a bikini.

The sculpting is very nice, with delicate features in the face and gorgeously sculpted hair. There's no slop in the paint work, although the skin tone may be a touch too pale, with her being an Amazonian warrior and all. Regardless, she still looks beautiful to me.

As with all the others, the statue looks awesome from every angle. The sword  and golden lasso are done very nicely, but are only attached to the body by very thin plastic or glue. I would be very careful in handling these areas as the items might break off. But the paint app and detailing on them is awesome.

As with the others, the statue comes with a magnetic base and magnets in her feet. The only real complaint that I have with the statue is that the feet are not fully planted, and so it's not as stable as her other Justice League counterparts. The others feel more stable with a flatter stance, so this is another area to be careful.

Overall, this is another sensational statue released by Kotobukiya. The dark blues, reds, and silver highlights look stunning, and the detailed pattern on the suit really bring the quality of this piece to the fore. Of all the female superheroes around, I'm definitely glad Wonder Woman is the first in my collection with this great piece.

Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review below!

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Aquaman statue

I remember watching the Aquaman cartoon back when I was a kid in the 80s, but that was pretty much the last exposure I had with the character. But opening this awesome Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League statue just makes me want to get back up to speed on all these characters.

Again the head sculpt has the anime influence, which is a little strange coupled with the flowing sideburns down his face!! But the look actually works and the hair sculpting really brings out the visage on this one too.

But it's the paint app on his body that is the shining feature here (pun intended)! The scales on his upper body are really brought to life by an amazing gold/orange/yellow collage of colour that almost changes before you eyes as your rotate the light around it!

Couple that with the awesome dark metallic green similar to the Green Lantern, and the figure absolutely pops on the display shelf! In fact, this rivals the Flash as the stand out paint app in this line of statues so far for me. The sculpting for the fins is nicely done too and give the statue some really nice accents around the arms and legs.

It comes with the usual magnetic base and magnets in the feet, which hold him firmly in place even with the trident stretched out. The pose is purposeful and not overly dynamic, perfectly in line with the others in the series.

As you can see, the statue also comes with his iconic trident, packaged in two pieces that you connect up and then slide into his hand. The trident is plastic (I was hoping for it to be metal!) but still looks OK with a decent paint job.

So again, Kotobukiya has knocked it out of the park with this statue. The paint app on this is just as amazing as the one of the Flash, giving the statue a very lovely shine under all lighting conditions. It really looks amazing on the shelf.

I definitely recommend these statues. Sure they're not articulated figures, but with awesome sculpting and amazing paint application, these more than make up for that!

Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review below!

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Flash statue

When you first open up the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Flash, you're pretty much astounded by how amazing the dark metallic full body paint finish looks on this statue! Well at least I was! I think overall, the paint app on the Flash statue is the best in the series, and makes him stand out from the rest. The way the light reflects of the suit is dazzling!

The head sculpt is again anime influenced, but perhaps not as noticeable due to the helmet. The gold wings on the head are very nicely done in a rich gold, but I'd be careful because they appear to be quite delicate and could easily break off. The paint around the face and eyes is very nicely done too, with no slop to detract from the delicate details around the helmet and face.

I really like the pose on this one, with a serious but playful fist-in-palm look. It looks sensational from every angle. The flawlessness of the deep red paint and the musculature sculpting is an awesome mix on this one. With so much red, the paint had to be flawless, and it is.

I love the deep gold accents too around the waist and especially the boots. I find the mold on the boots particularly good, with precise and great looking patterned lines. With this mix of dark metallic red and gold, from some angles he could be mistaken for Iron Man!

It comes with the usual magnetic base and feet that keep him pretty firmly in place, but allows for flexibility in poses within the team.

My only real background with the Flash character was from the TV show in the 90s I think. I actually enjoyed that series, but can't remember too much about it. I'm definitely glad to now have such an awesome representation of the character in my collection!

It's amazing how colour really changes the look of a display. A lot of my collection is dominated by dull and dark blacks, browns, and greys. But with this New 52 Justice League series, particularly this amazing Flash, the shelf now simply looks so much more alive with the burst of colour.

This Flash one of my favourites from the New 52 series of statues so far, thanks to that amazing paint app and fun pose. Just looking at him and the rest of the team on the shelf, it amazes me how I could have waited so long to get them! Definitely glad to have picked them up now at a reasonable price!

Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review below!

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Green Lantern statue

 Just like the Superman statue, the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Green Lantern is a great representation of an iconic superhero. The sculpt is again designed by master sculptor Goutaro Takeuchi, lending an anime style to the facial expression. In fact, I was starting to get confused with the Green Hornet Kato character for a bit there :)

The paint on the face and mask is nicely done, with the skin tone not overly pale or tanned. Again the hair is well sculpted and finished. Overall, the statue certainly looks great on display!

The pose again is fairly subtle and not overly dynamic, with the ring on the fist giving a nice punctuation to the stance. The metallic green is very nicely done, but the figure doesn't stand out as much as Superman mainly due to the matte black finish on the rest of the suit. It would've been interesting to see what the statue would have looked like if they had finished the black in a metallic shiny finish like the other statues. Perhaps that might have been a bit to "bright", so they went with the matte finish instead.

Again, the statue looks great from all angles, with the body proportions being a little better than the Superman. The legs and torso section seem to match better in this statue.

The musculature on the statue is great, as they are on all the New 52 statues. The lines and patterns on the suit are again done very precisely. Mine had a minor blemish on the chest area with a bit of black paint splash, but it's tiny so I wont bother trying to remove it.

As with all the statues in this range, it comes with a magnetic base and magnets embedded in the feet. Really nicely designed, non-intrusive, and flexible in the display options, so definitely a win-win there.

The Green Lantern is certainly not one of the superheroes I'm most familiar with, with most of my focus being around Superman and Batman. But this figure is so amazing that now I want to go back and look into the character's history and origin. I don't have an opinion either way on whether the New 52 is better or worse than the classic comics, but I do know I love this new representation in at least an aesthetic way. Displayed individually or together with his Justice League brethren, the statue is a highly recommended collectible!

Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review below :)

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Superman statue

The Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Superman statue I think captures a great mix of the classic, iconic look with the modern touches in fashion now. There was a lot of controversy over the New 52 costumes, but I think they look great. Of course it helps that the Kotobukiya statues have amazing paint apps that really make the costumes shine and stand out on display.

The head sculpt is quite good, with a more serious visage that I prefer to any of Superman smiling. The hair is sculpted nicely, and the facial paint app is quite good. Eyes are always difficult areas with lots of paint slop around the eyes and face, but Kotobukiya have done a nice job here.

The pose they've selected for the statue depicts strength and an inner purpose without being too over the top or dynamic. Pretty much perfect as the point figure in a Justice League group display.

The lines and patterns on the suit and boots accurately capture the New 52 look, and are done very precisely with no colour bleeding. The muscular sculpting is also done nicely, without the overlay buff look that can sometimes affect other anime characters. The iconic "S" on his chest is done very nicely, with a nice gold colour used too.

The statue looks great from pretty much all angles. If anything, the only thing that I could fault would be perhaps the overall body proportions in the legs. I actually find the legs are a little short, particularly when compared with the other males in the Justice League team here. It may be because the red belt is placed a little low on his hips causing an illusion of shorter legs, but I think it would've been slightly better raising the belt or making the legs a little longer or making the torso slightly shorter.

Still, even from behind the statue looks amazing. I really love the way they made the cape look, with a natural drape coming to a point in the middle. The symbol is painted on well and looks nice against the red.

The magnets in the feet work really well with the magnetic base to add some flexibility in placing the statue on the base. This works particularly well when posing the entire team together, where you can move the statues closer together or change their orientation slightly while still using all the bases lined up together.

With this statue, either up close or from a normal viewing distance, you'll be extremely happy with the quality. The metallic blue is a perfect hue, and you really could spend a lot of time just staring at it :) If some company was able to make an actual articulated figure with a similar paint app and a wide range of articulation joints that weren't too obvious, that would be amazing. But until then, I think this statue is a great representation of the New 52 Superman and will be a welcome addition to any collection!

Highly recommended! Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review too below :)

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League statues!!

Well, I'd been on the fence about the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ statues for a while now, since I was trying to stick to action figures only. I do like to change up the poses in the display every now and then, so the poseability of action figures is something I prefer.

And for the New 52 Justice League, I was actually very close to ordering the DC Collectibles "We Can Be Heroes" 7-pack of action figures. But online reviews pretty much showed that they had limited articulation and were pretty much statues anyway.

So when Kotobukiya started releasing the New 52 Justice League team in their ArtFX+ range, with what looked to be some amazing paint apps, I was very interested! And then recently they announced the ArtFX+ Avengers series of statues for 2014, so with that I couldn't resist any longer. I went to a local collectibles store and saw the statues in person, and was pretty much convinced on the spot :)

The statues are packaged very nicely in clear transparent boxes that showcase the characters very well. So you could actually display them in the boxes without taking them out if you wanted, and they would still look awesome. The front view has a clear full body view of the statue with their classic named logos. Nice!

The side view also has their iconic insignia logos, which is a very nice touch I think. The box for Batman is the largest to cater for his flowing cape.

The other side of the box has some awesome artwork for each character, than when placed together combine for a larger mural of them all. You can see on the right the shoulder of the upcoming Cyborg statue, which should be reaching retail in either late August or early September. Can't wait to get that and complete the core New 52 Justice League team :)

I'm not exactly sure what material is used to manufacture the statues, but they are all fairly light weight and feel sturdy. Each statue comes with a magnetic base and magnets inside the statue's feet which gives some awesome flexibility in placing them on display, especially when grouped together. I much prefer these to the usual bases that come with action figures that have pegs.

But the best part of course is the metallic, reflective paint app on the statues themselves. The quality of the paint work is very high overall, with minimal slop and bleeding. The face sculpts all have an anime influence, which is understandable given Kotobukiya is a Japanese company and this is their master sculptor's Goutaro Takeuchi's interpretation of the New 52 characters.

How do they look out of the box you ask? Absolutely SENSATIONAL is how!! :) These look great in pretty much any direction, and in all kinds of lighting, although if you have lights that are better for reflecting or spotlighting (eg. downlights, LEDs), then these will really pop!

Stay tuned for a more detailed review, pics, and video on each individual statue! :)

1 Aug 2013

Testing my kid's collectibles knowledge, and them failing miserably ;)

Always great fun with the kids laughing, so I filmed them while I tested how well they knew my collection. They start off pretty well, but it all goes wonky very quickly! LOL!! :)


Gotta say that kid's laughter is definitely good for the soul :)