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21 Oct 2014

Revoltech Teenage Ninja Turtle awesomeness!!

These are my first foray into Revoltech figures, and I gotta say they are AWESOME!! The joints certainly take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, there are endless possibilities with poses!

Here are some quick pics of mine, with links to the full video review of each Turtle too! Hope you can check out the vids, subscribe, like, and comment with your thoughts on these amazing figures! :)





These really are incredible figures, from their cartoon accuracy, to the awesome articulation of the Revoltech joints, to the fun accessories, and to the excellent paint app! They certainly are expensive, but well worth the money in my opinion!

Definitely order them if you can. They're still available at Big Bad Toy Store, so click the link if you still want to pick these guys up - you certainly won't regret it!

Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at BBTS

Love the poseability! :)

6 Oct 2014

Teaser pic of upcoming Sideshow Collectibles figures!!! WOW!!!

Here's a teaser pic posted by Sideshow Collectibles 1/6th scale Project Manager Kevin Ellis! Just look at all the amazing stuff that will be coming out from them! Cannot wait!!

Just look at that Pilot Luke with two head sculpts and a separate helmet! And that awesome weathered Threepio!!

And what about that incredible Tychus figure from Starcraft at the back there? And the fact that Deadpool will include comic styled speech bubbles!!

Everything in this pic is simply amazing!!!