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24 Sept 2016

Hot Toys MMS345 Finn from The Force Awakens

I received the Hot Toys Finn figure a while back, but only just recently found time to give it a review. Check the link below to head over to the Kool Kollectibles channel for the full video review. I do go through the ankle mod, so check it out if you're thinking of doing it too.

The set comes with a fairly decent array of accessories. I especially like the rifle and bag, with both having lots of nice details.

The ankle mod I mentioned is specifically to remove the clear ankle pieces and mod the ankle joints so that they fit into the lower leg. This reduces the height of the figure to bring it more into scale with the other characters such as Rey and Han. Check out the video review for the full details.

Once all setup, the figure is actually very nice, and looks great on display. The jacket in particular is very nicely tailored, and has great quality materials and tailoring. Really looking forward to Rey and BB-8 now!

Asmus Toys Gandalf the Grey exclusive

The new addition to my Lord of the Rings collection finally came with the release of Asmus Toys' Gandalf the Grey. Check out my full video review below :)

Overall it's another fantastic set by Asmus. Not quite as impressive as the Aragorn figure, but still pretty damn good! The head sculpt is not perfect, but the attention to detail across the outfit is very nice indeed.

There are a few nits to pick that I go through in the video review, so check that out for all my thoughts on the figure!

15 Sept 2016

Kotobukiya DC Comics Bishoujo Harley Quinn

Picked up the new Kotobukiya Bishoujo Harley Quinn recently. Click through to the full video review below for the main reason why I'm disappointed with this release.

Box art is the usual Kotobukiya Bishoujo style with the view of the statue and the artwork on the back.

You can see in the pic below why I am disappointed with the eyes on the production statue. The prototype that they showed at conventions looked much closer to the concept art with nice deep red and blue eye shadowing.

But the final production statue has barely any red on the right eye, and the blue on the left is just smeared around. Overall it still looks nice on display, but it's definitely not up to the usual high standards of previous Bishoujos that I have.

Hot Toys Alien Warrior

The Hot Toys Alien Warrior finally made it to Australian shores after a seemingly long delay after the HK release. Aliens is one of my favourite films, so finally having a xenomorph in the collection in awesome!

Click the link below to checkout my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles channel! Remember to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for more reviews :)

The box is nicely done, with a clear slipcover similar to those provided on previous diecast figures like Robocop and Iron Man Mk3. Accessories wise, it doesn't come with much at all, which is disappointing for the price. Something extra like an alien egg or facehugger, or even a diorama backdrop would've been nice for the higher price point.

Overall, the figure looks fantastic on display. The paint app and sculpting in particular look great. The paint has a wet look to give the alien skin that sheen, and the paint actually has the blue/brown pearlescent look to it as well when the light hits the skin.

The opening jaw feature is a scary gimmick, and is difficult to get to stick. The trick is to pull down on the trigger mechanism at the end and it will lock into place. The mouth opens due to the very soft rubber tendons and jaw piece of the figure.

There is a warning not to leave the mouth open for long periods of time to prevent damage. I definitely won't be opening the mouth too much! Hopefully the soft rubber does not deteriorate too fast over time.

The sides of the head sculpt have a magnet on one of the ridges to attach the acid blood spatter. The spatter on the chest is added by inserting the grooves over the ribcage area. It does give it a nice look, and hopefully is a tease for upcoming Marines figures!

The rubber suit severely limits the articulation of the arms, hips, and knees. The instructions have another warning to not leave these bent too much for too long to prevent damage. Luckily there's enough articulation that doesn't distort the suit to allow a walking/stalking pose. It still looks pretty awesome like that on display, especially if you have some Predators too!

Hopefully they announce the Aliens Ripley and Power Loader soon. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the Alien version of Ripley to come out later this year. Stay tuned for more reviews :)

Sideshow Collectibles AT-AT Driver exclusive

Got the new Sideshow Collectibles AT-AT Driver recently, and it's definitely another solid addition to the Star Wars collection!

Click through below to check out my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Make sure to give it a like and subscribe for more reviews up soon :)

Box art is pretty stock standard these days. Accessories aren't that many to discuss. The exclusive is the larger rifle, which is nicely done. The detailing and paint application in the helmet is pretty nice, with some additions that make it more screen accurate. I think there are still a few inconsistencies that really detailed fans will be able to pick out in the helmet. But for more it looks pretty great.

The flight suit is similar to other suits that Sideshow have done for other figures, including the recent TIE Pilot and X-wing Luke. It's nicely tailored with decent stitching. The gloves and boots are molded plastic, which could be nicer, but still look OK enough on display.

The hoses attaching the chest piece to the helmet restrict the head movement, but look OK. Some futzing of the hose is probably needed to make it look its best, but overall its a decent representation based on movie screenshots I've seen. So again, it's a nice addition to the Star Wars collection, particularly for those that are looking for more troopers from the Hoth battle.

2 Sept 2016

Kool Kollectibles Collection Update August 2016

Earlier in August I posted a collection update video over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. With things coming in thick and fast in Sept/Oct, I thought I better post it up in the website too! :)

Click through below if you haven't checked out the latest in my collection. Certainly was another big 3-4 month period from around April to August this year.

Hope you can check it out, subscribe, and stay tuned for all the upcoming reviews coming soon! :)