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25 Jun 2016

Sideshow Collectibles Jawas

A few weeks ago I got the new Sideshow Jawas 2-figure set, and overall was pretty happy with them. The outfits and accessories are pretty nice, but it's the underlying bodies that let it down with some very loose joints.

Here's my full video review up on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. I go through everything, so hopefully you can check it out! More pics and thoughts below too.

The packaging is the same simple style for these more expensive figures.

Comes with an array of hands and weapons for accessories. Overall the paint app and detailing is pretty nice. One major thing to look out for is taking the ion blaster out of the holster. In the factory they have shoved the large tip in so far into the holster it is extremely difficult to get out. The tip does separate from the the rest of the blaster to be careful to not snap it!

The lightup eyes are a nice touch. The switch on the back of the head is easily accessible and they are bright. Luckily there is enough reflectiveness that they still look OK when switched off. The Jawas do look pretty hilarious without their hoods on! Interesting to see that for the first time lol!

The fake leather pouches are all nicely done and weathered. Everything on mine seems sturdy and not overly delicate, but as always with these small parts, just be careful how you handle it.

The material of the outer cloaks is a cotton type material that is not overly delicate, which helps when handling the figure. There is weathering, especially on the hems which adds some nice detail. The hoods themselves are separate pieces and fairly nicely tailored. You can wrap them in two different styles for slightly different looks.

Wrapping the hoods does create these tentacle like pieces at the rear. But I have seen some other collectors really nicely hide these behind the leather straps and pouches. With a bit of futzing, they do end up looking great though. I'm just too lazy to do it properly lol!

With a bit of decent posing, they end up looking pretty good, especially with droids. But as I mentioned before, the bodies are very loose. They come with small stands, which are a must to keep these guys standing. Even then it gets difficult trying to pose the figures on the stands.

Along with the other Sideshow figures, they do make great little display pieces in the Star Wars collection!

If you're a fan of the original movie, then these are probably the best Jawas out there at the moment. A few nits to pick, but overall I'm pretty happy with them.

11 Jun 2016

Transformers Masterpiece Moments - Collection update May 2016

I did a video over a year ago where I went through my Transformers Masterpiece collection at the time, and described what I thought were the "Masterpiece Moments"for each figure.

Here is the first video! Hope you can check it out :)

I've added 14 figures to the MP collection since, so Takara has been releasing on average one MP figure each month, which is pretty amazing. I figured it was about time to do another video, so here's the second Transformers Masterpiece Moments update video with my thoughts on the latest figures :)

Here are some pics of the latest figures too.

Love the repaints :)

MP-24 Star Saber:
Not one that I particularly like, but that's mostly since it's part of the Japanese G1 continuation that I have no nostalgia for. Overall still a nice figure, but reminds me more of gundam than Transformers lol :)

MP-12G G2 Sideswipe:
Love the black paint and face sculpt. Bad ass guns and sword are cool too!

MP-21G G2 Bumblebee:
Gold paint is very nice.

MP-11S Sunstorm:
A much better repaint than the Hasbro version that looks like Ronald McDonald!

MP-12T Tigertrack:
Nice yellow paint app, but nothing all that special. I so wish they made a proper Sunstreaker!

MP-14C Clampdown:
Another nice repaint job on this one. No QC issues on mine.

MP-18B Bluestreak:
The Diaclone blue they should've done first!

MP-18S Silverstreak:
Decent homage to the G1 toy, but most collectors were waiting on MP-18B.

MP-23 Exhaust:
If only I could get the coin with this one too!!

MP-21R Red Bumblebee:
Love the glossy red on this!

MP-26 Road Rage:
I wish this had a metallic red paint app, but overall still a nice variant to have.

MP-25 Ironhide:
Hated the hip panels in the promotional pics, but in hand I dont actually mind them! Overall a great MP addition to the collection!

Group shot! :)

4 Jun 2016

Fans Toys FT-14 Forager (aka Insecticon Kickback)

Finally got the final Insecticon from Fans Toys with FT-14 Forager (aka Kickback). It's another fantastically well-built figure from Fans Toys. These are every bit as worthy of being called "Masterpieces" as the official MPs!

Here's the link to my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. It shows you where you need to be careful with the wing rotation and shoulder transformation, so check it out if you want to be sure to not break your figure!

Great set of contents.

Love the alt mode! Scary transformation the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad.

Fans Toys have done an outstanding job with this set of Insecticons! I'm usually an official MP collector, but Takara are just taking way too long to release Decepticons. And with companies like Fans Toys putting out unique designs like these, with generally exceptional build quality, there's really no need to wait! Highly recommended!