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26 Oct 2015

Play Arts Kai variant Star Wars Darth Maul

Here's my full video review of the new Play Arts Kai Darth Maul. Not as good as the previous releases, but still a solid figure overall.

Together with the others, they look pretty damn awesome!!

Click the link below to head on over to Big Bad Toy Store and pick this up for yourself! :)

Play Arts Kai Darth Maul at BBTS

Sentinel Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear Gatchaman G-1

If you loved the classic 80s cartoon Battle of the Planets (aka Gatchaman in Japan), you're going to love this new line of figures! Absolutely awesome build quality! Check out my full video review below :)

Click the link below to head on over to Big Bad Toy Store and pickup this awesome figure for yourself!

Gatchaman G-1 at BBTS

17 Oct 2015

Enterbay Scottie Pippen 1/6th scale figure

Completed my trio of classic Chicago Bulls players with the release of the Enterbay Scottie Pippen. Goes fantastically well with the previous Jordan and Rodman figures to complete what I think is the best trio in NBA history! :)

Click through below to head on over for my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! Keep scrolling down further for more photos too :)

The packaging is similar to the other releases, and packs everything fairly nicely. Not sure why they decided to pack it naked instead of with one set of the uniform on, but I guess that gives collectors the initial choice on which to use. I always go with the red uniform for mine.

The head sculpt is not as accurate as the previous Jordan and Rodman figures, but is still recognisable enough I guess. The body and skin tone is pretty accurate though, and overall the figure looks pretty good.

It's a shame they couldn't get the proper Nike license for the Air Up Tempo shoes that Pippen wore. They tried for a similar look, and it looks OK I guess. But a proper license with the word Air clearly visible would've been icing on the cake!

The Enterbay bodies are definitely not as good as the Hot Toys TrueType bodies. The shoulder on mine was so damn tight I thought I was going to snap it off trying to move the damn thing. Luckily I did finally get it to move. But really, in this price point and especially with figures like NBA stars that show a lot of the body, Enterbay really do need to put more effort into improving theirs!

Together, these three NBA icons look pretty fantastic! Definitely glad to complete this incredible trio of classic 90s NBA basketball!

I got my figure from the awesome folks at Big Bad Toy Store. Click the link below for all the order details! :)

Big Bad Toy Store - Scottie Pippen figure