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16 Nov 2022

Super7 Thundercats Ultimates Cheetara

Super7 delays in releasing their figures are infamous in the collecting community now. They lived up to that bad reputation with the release of Cheetara. There was definitely some controversy around the changes made to her design from the initial promotional photos.

In the end, the changes aren't too big of an issue for me. But click through the link below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Packaging is the usual nice Super7 style. I still hate the way in which the figures are tied into the clamshell, which has a tendency to damage the figure. Mine always come with some sort of paint flaking due to rubs against the packaging, or in some cases even damage to the figure's plastic itself. For Cheetara, there was some minor damage, but luckily in locations that are not too obvious.

Out of the box, the set does come with a decent array of accessories. The swap out head sculpts are nice, but all pretty much use the same expression. Instead of just changes to the hair, I would've preferred an expression that is more action oriented, like some sort of snarl.

Articulation is OK, but not great, and I do wish there was perhaps more of a waist swivel instead of just the upper torso. You're definitely not going to get the great articulation and style that you get from the likes of S.H.Figarts or Storm Collectibles.

The knee and elbow range isn't that great, but at least she can get into her classic cartoon intro pose with the staff. The staff is pretty much the only accessory I remember and will use. All the other accessories I don't even remember from the cartoon, and will really just end up in my box of random spare accessories.

Together with the other core members of the team, I think they all scale pretty well. The paint application across all the figures is OK, but again nothing great. Cheetara doesn't look as plasticky as Tygra, which is a positive.

In the end, it's just great to be able to feed my nostalgia with some more characters from the cartoons I loved growing up. She fits in quite well, and now I just hope they also release WilyKit and WilyKat!