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30 Mar 2024

Tweeterhead Masters of the Universe Trap Jaw

Sideshow started this "Legends" series of MOTU statues back in 2016, and handed over the reigns to Tweeterhead that has continued the series since about 2021. And for MOTU fans, Tweeterhead have given us some of the best interpretations of these classic characters that have ever been produced.

I'm glad that Tweeterhead have taken this series to the next level. I've loved every one of their releases, and this new Trap Jaw is no exception. Click through below to watch my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Thankfully there is no exclusive version for this Trap Jaw, so every release has all the swap out parts to tailor this just the way you like it. For me, I like to have that hint of the original cartoon style, mixed in with some new interpretations. So I decided to go with the classic, almost NFL-like, head sculpt as opposed to the new orc-like interpretation.

I also coupled it with the more basic hook arm that is also more reminiscent of the cartoon. Together, I think the two swap out pieces pay perfect homage to the 80s cartoon, whilst coupled with the incredibly detailed body and paint application of the rest of the statue.

Every single angle of this piece is amazing to behold. The blue of the skin texture brings that perfect burst of colour to offset the dark purples, silvers and greys, and the muted green and browns in other parts of the statue.

The dark purple of the base is almost grey or dark gun metal in hue, but it does fit in nicely with the older statues from Sideshow that have a slightly more purple tinge. The body of the statue itself is incredible, with sculpted details across the board.

I love the silver and grey metallic paint application for the boots and armour pieces. The browns for the leather sections looks great too, and matches well with the muted jade green in the thighs and belt areas. The swap out pieces are fairly easy to attach, and it all comes together beautifully.

The alternative cannon arm is very intricately detailed, and is monstrous in size. It's almost too big, but does give him a great menacing option for that more modern style. The alternate head sculpt has a nice little open mouthed growl to it, but it reminds me too much of orcs from Warcraft, so I chose the classic portrait instead.

Either of the options will still look incredible on display. The sheer size is impressive, despite some complaints that this series is only 1/5th scale, not 1/4 scale. I'm actually glad they're slightly smaller, and can fit more easily in my display cabinets.

The bad guys together from both the Sideshow and Tweeterhead simpy look amazing. As a MOTU fan from way back in the 80s, these interpretations are how I imagined them in my childhood brain to be. Tweeterhead have produced the perfect mix of adult mature aesthetics with that awesome nostalgic feel to the characters we love.

I've preordered the Beast Man exclusive from Tweeterhead, and cannot wait for that to arrive later in 2024. With teasers of Sorceress and Man-At-Arms, I hope this series continues to release characters from that awesome universe.

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