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18 Feb 2014

New Hot Toys Terminator Battle Damaged Version from first Terminator movie

Hot Toys has wasted no time in the Terminator line and have announced another Battle Damaged version, this time of Arnie from the first movie. And boy does it look amazing!!!

You can order it here from Sideshow: Hot Toys Terminator Battle Damaged Version

And just look at some of the prototype pics that they've released. I thought I was done with the Terminator line now that I have DX10 and DX13, but damn Hot Toys always finds a way to make me part with my money!!!

This classic look with the sunnies is just awesome!

Loving the battle damage on this headsculpt.

It actually comes with another less damaged headsculpt too, similar to the DX13. May well have to go with this one and the sunnies I think.

Not as packed with accessories as the DX releases, but not bad by MMS standards today. Can't wait to see more about it!!

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