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15 May 2014

Which retailers do I normally use, and my first ever Pile of Loot from BBTS!

I'm usually pretty loyal with the retailers that I use because I'm fairly anally-retentive about how I like things packaged and delivered, and how well I can communicate with the customer service folks. The main retailers I use are:

1) Robot Kingdom in Hong Kong for all my Masterpiece Transformers since they always include the exclusive coins and accessories for free, and have some of the best shipping protection around.

2) Sideshow Collectibles in the USA for 1/6th scale figures, especially exclusive items that you can't get elsewhere.

3) Popcultcha Supastore in Australia for 1/6th scale and other miscellaneous figures because of their amazing shipping protection and customer service.

4) Animarket, an Australian owned Hong Kong based retailer, for 1/6th scale figures because they normally have some of the cheapest prices on pre-order figures.

But I have been looking around at other retailers recently that have good reputations and that have been around for a while. The two that have mostly caught my eye are Angolz in Hong Kong and Big Bad Toy Store (aka BBTS) in the USA. Both retailers stock a lot of the stuff I collect, from 6" figures to MP Transformers to 1/6th scale figures.

I heard a lot about the Pile of Loot system at BBTS and how it saves money on combined shipping while you pre-order your items. And they had the cheapest price around for some items I really wanted, so I decided to take the plunge and order from them. It's taken about 5 months for the Pile of Loot to get big enough for me to decide I wanted to ship it, and here's the unboxing video!

Hope you can check it out, subscribe, like, and comment with your own thoughts! :)

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