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14 Jun 2014

Kotobukiya Men In Black Bishoujo Agent G

I got my first Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue recently with the new Chun-Li from their Street Fighter line, and that got me looking into their past releases. I knew they did a lot of DC and Marvel related characters, but I found out they started a movie line where they created characters from movies such as Ghostbusters and Men In Black, with more planned now for Star Wars and the Freddy/Jason horror flicks.

I managed to get the Ghostbusters Lucy and the Men In Black Agent G statues for the very cheap price of $65 combined, brand new!! And with Jaina Solo and Mara Jade on the way, I'm definitely glad to be getting these now.

Agent G is a beautiful statue, with a great display base. I wont be writing too much of a review here, since all the info is pretty much in the YouTube review. Hope you can check out the video, subscribe, like, and comment with your own thoughts!

 Also scroll further down for some photos too :)

Love the Kotobukiya artwork that they have on all their Bishoujo statues!

Sculpted beauty from pretty much every angle!! The awesome display base is the highlight, with a great layout including the fire hydrant and alien tentacle bursting through the pavement :)

If you've seen some Japanese anime/hentai, you know exactly what that tentacle wants to do ;)

Great paint app as always with Kotobukiya, and love the little details.

Skin tone is perfect. There's also a swipe out forearm holding the memory wipe tool, so a couple of display options.

No idea what's she holding in her left hand, but I assume it was in the movie? May have to rent that third movie to see how good (or bad) it is! :)

Looks great with the previous Ghostbusters Lucy statue! Can't wait to get the pair of Star Wars ladies in Jaina Solo and Mara Jade, and then the horror chicks in Freddy and Jason!

If you're looking to get into Kotobukiya statues, look no further than Big Bad Toy Store! They ship worldwide, so definitely check them out! :)

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