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12 Jul 2014

Kotobukiya Star Wars Bishoujo Mara Jade

I reviewed my first Kotobukiya Bishoujo Star Wars statue in Jaina Solo recently. The Jaina Solo was actually released over a year ago, but when I saw the teaser for the Mara Jade statue, I had to get both. I received both together, but the statue had a scratch on it that annoyed me, so I asked for a replacement.

I'm happy to report that the replacement is pretty much perfect, so finally had the chance to take some decent photos and write up the full review here. Read on for more details on this absolutely stunning statue! :)

The packaging is no surprise, and follows the same black/gun metal Star Wars design as other related Star Wars products. I'm still a little confused as to why these Star Wars statues are labelled with both Bishoujo and ArtFX designations, since I thought they were totally separate lines. If anyone knows why, please enlighten me!

The box art is pretty stock standard too, with various photos of the statue, and of course the amazing prototype Bishoujo artwork by renowned artist Shunya Yamashita. This is one statue that I believe well and truly lives up to, and exceeds, the beauty of the artwork.

Similar to many Kotobukiya statues these days, some assembly is required, but is not overly difficult. The right gloved hand needs to be inserted into the arm. The left "force push" arm, right up to the wrap around her bicep area, also needs to be inserted. Unlike the Jaina Solo assembly, the arms on Mara Jade were very easy to insert.

A choice of two lightsabers is provided, with the purple being my favourite. Placing the hilt into her hand is a little tight, but no real issue. Regardless, I love the fact that she has the option of being displayed as a Jedi, or as one with the Dark Side - a girl gone bad is just that little bit sexier for me :)

The base art comes with the respective Rebel and Imperial insignia, of which I chose the latter. Inserting her feet into the base is very easy, and I love how the clear plastic doesn't distract any attention away from her high-heeled boots.

And what lovely boots they are! I mean, they cover the longest legs leading up to......the best damn ass in the galaxy!! But more on that later :)

There's no assembly required for the pistol in its holster. It is unfortunate though that it is not removeable, as that would've been a nice extra touch. But it still looks great, as does the brown leather look of the holster and belt.

Here's a look at the other accessories that come with the statue. The blue lightsaber is nice enough, but I think the purple just has that extra presence on display. The cape itself is quite nicely molded and painted, with nice flowing lines and great shading. The goggles aren't particularly great though.

As you can see from the photo above, I chose to simply use the small scarf around her neck that pegs in just at the top of her chest. The display options include also adding the goggles, but I thought that looked a little too busy, and I didn't like the way the googles sat on her chest.

Also the full cape can be used instead of the scarf. It looks great from the front, and matches the prototype artwork. But it covers the best feature of this statue, and so I decided against using it :)

And what's the best feature of this statue you might ask? Well.....DAT ASS of course!!! Here's the gratuitous closeup :)

I loved the Jaina Solo statue for its playful pose and just gorgeous facial features. But this Mara Jade takes all that to the next level and beyond!! The pose here perfectly conveys that strong force push dynamic pose in the artwork.

One of my favourite features has to be the red hair, and how it's sculpting is various shades of transluscent red/orange plastic. From all angles the hair is just outstanding, and it frames another beautiful Bishoujo face from Kotobukiya. The paint app on the skin is again flawless - I love the creamy smoothness and subtle shading.

The outfit itself is also beautifully done, with lots of different textures, molded details, and different shades of blues that accentuate that gorgeous female figure. The knee high boots are painted in a more metallic style that make them stand out from the more matt-like finish of the body suit.

The brown paint app on the belt and her shoulder/back harness is nicely done too. I love how the belt lays on her hips, with the holster slung to the side.

And how could I not mention her derriere once again! If there was any statue or figure that I would want to display facing the opposite direction, it would be this one! She looks every bit as amazing from the rear as she does from the front, if not more so! But really, this statue is pretty damn awesome no matter which way you look at her!

For me, this is another home run for Kotobukiya in the Bishoujo line. I haven't been collecting their statues for very long, but in the short space of time that I have, I can safely say that there is no other company that makes statues of such quality at such an affordable price!

Together with Jaina Solo, these two look simply stunning. I cannot wait to see who they announce to be next in the Star Wars Bishoujo line (uhh, Slave Leia pretty please!). I just hope they don't take another year or so to release the next one! Most highly recommended!

For the full video review, head on over to the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! The link to the video is below, so I hope you can check it out, subscribe, like, and comment with your own thoughts! :)

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