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16 May 2015

Hot Toys Star Wars - cannot wait for these to come out!! :)

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and I think 2015 and early 2016 will be a great time for 1/6th scale fans. Ever since I started collecting this larger scale, I've always wanted the core cast of the original Star Wars movie, and Hot Toys is now finally going to deliver! And they all look pretty spectacular!

The Stormtroopers have been out for a while now, but I have yet to receive my preorder here in Australia. The exclusive version is now on waitlist, but the regular version is widely available still I think. With the different heights, I'm sure they'll do a Luke/Han in disguise set once they get the core cast out the way. I love the little mouse droid, and the glossy finish on the armour is pure win for me :)

The Shadow Trooper was released not long after the Stormtrooper two-pack, and I was definitely glad to be able to get my hands on one. It's a fantastic figure! Again, the glossy finish adds a really nice premium feel to it, and the subtle weathering is nice too. It's sold out now, so your chances are limited I think unless you pay crazy prices in the aftermarket.

The next set to be released will be Han and Chewbacca, which can be ordered separately or as a combined two-pack. As with the Stormtrooper set, the two-pack is definitely the way to go since it gives additional accessories not provided if you order them separately. With Chewie being a full synthetic fur body, I reckon it will be the figure of the year! If they tweak the Han sculpt to look more like him, it'll be the perfect start to the core hero cast!

Next up is then Darth Vader, which is different to the Sideshow Deluxe figure in that it's the Ep4 costume not the Return of the Jedi costume. It also comes with the nice little Interrogator Droid accessory. I think this time Hot Toys will include a light up feature on the lightsaber, which I actually prefer to do without! I don't like little electronic gimmicks that I rarely use and tend to break! But still, definitely looking forward to posing this with the Obi-wan figure!

Before Obi-wan is released however, it looks like Hot Toys plans to release another trooper with their Spacetrooper. These troops were seen for only a few seconds in the scene where the Millenium Falcon is being brought into the Death Star. The external shot of the Falcon caught in the tractor beam is pretty iconic, but many miss the tiny little troopers in the foreground with their space gear.

Up next is Old Obi-wan, which to me looks absolutely fantastic! The head sculpt and detailing in the costume looks incredible, despite many collectors saying the sculpt is off. It looks like Alec Guiness to me, and the robe seems to fit and flow beautifully. Having this displayed in the cabinet with their Darth Vader will be perfect iconic awesomeness!

Hot Toys has just officially announced the Sandtrooper as well for an early release in 2016. I still think the old Sideshow Deluxe Sandtrooper holds up extremely well to this, and in fact has more accessories I think. Either way, having both side by side will be a great comparison, and will look awesome displayed together.

And finally, some teaser pics were posted recently from Japanese toy magazines showing the Death Star Leia and Tatooine Luke figures that we've all been waiting to see! The Leia figure even looks to have rooted hair for her buns, which hopefully they do well. I don't have too much experience with rooted hair so hopefully it doesn't need to much maintenance! The Luke figure looks nice and simplistic, but it'll all come down to the head sculpt on that one too.

The preorder for Luke and Leia isn't up yet, but hopefully official prototype pictures and preorder details will be up soon. For me, I'm just glad to finally get the chance to have the entire core cast from the original movie at Hot Toys quality! It'll be a day long remembered when they're all home :)

EDIT: I almost forgot about the 1/4 scale figures they're doing too, with ROTJ Boba Fett and ROTS Darth Vader. For me, I just can't afford these much larger figures, and the size and space they need to be displayed well. So I'll stick to the 1/6th scale figures :)

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