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31 Jul 2015

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars reviews

Wow, it's been ages since I updated the website. Have been pretty lazy and just focused on the Facebook page and YouTube channel the past few weeks. So will post up a few news and bits and pieces that has happened with me and the collection over the last few weeks!

Here are links to some of the recent Combiner Wars figures I got in. The Leader class Starscream is pretty nice, and I found it much better than the previous Thundercracker I got. Hope you can check out the reviews :)

The Legends class Skywarp is a solid little figure, and every bit as nice as the previous Thundercracker. Hopefully they release Starscream in this size too (although they already released him in a previous line prior to the Combiner Wars).

And here's Rodimus, which is a repaint of the previous Blackjack. Another solid figure, but a few more details in the paint area would help. I guess the mold reuse is getting a bit old too in the Combiner Wars line. I hope they do more unique nolds, but it looks like the reuse is going to continue for the forseeable future.

I get all my Transformers from Robotkingdom! Great folks, so definitely check them out at the link :)

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