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16 Nov 2015

Hot Toys MMS291 Spacetrooper Exclusive

The Star Wars awesomeness from Hot Toys continues with the release of the MMS291 Spacetrooper exclusive! Sure it was only in the movie for a few seconds, but since it's from the Original Trilogy, I just couldn't resist!

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The box art again is the usual boring black and grey style, but the cardboard insert art is quite nice. They're really doing a good job of those!

The figure comes with a decent array of accessories for a Stormtrooper, with the usual belt and blaster. This time is comes with the massive leaf blower of a weapon and the back-pack with three little capsules to put in it.

The capsules have nice detail showing the internals of their capsules, but it seems a little pointless to me since you're meant to insert them into the back-pack where they're not visible anyway! I guess it's a nice accessory if you want to pose it holding one of them.

The large rifle is nicely designed and detailed. I have no idea why it needs to be so big, but I guess those space walkers need something to protect themselves?

The backpack is actually glued into the back armour, so removing it is definitely not recommended. The hose then connects to the chin of the helmet, and again that does not look to be removeable. I guess Hot Toys are doing this so that you can't adjust the figure to simply look like a standard Stormtrooper (forcing you to buy that separate figure!).

The accessories look nice though, and the addition of the pointing finger is a nice touch so that you can recreate the scene where the Falcon is being brought into the Death Star.

Together with the classic Stormtroopers, they do all look pretty awesome. It's was interesting in that the height of my Spacetrooper was in-between the short and tall Stormtrooper figures. Not sure if that's by design or just a quirk of my version.

Either way, this is another solid figure by Hot Toys, and caters for all the classic trilogy fans out there that want all the weird and wonderful variants.

There's plenty more to come before the end of the year, with the First Order Squad Leader, TIE Pilot, and X-wing Luke coming out in quick succession! Stay tuned :)

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