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11 Jun 2016

Transformers Masterpiece Moments - Collection update May 2016

I did a video over a year ago where I went through my Transformers Masterpiece collection at the time, and described what I thought were the "Masterpiece Moments"for each figure.

Here is the first video! Hope you can check it out :)

I've added 14 figures to the MP collection since, so Takara has been releasing on average one MP figure each month, which is pretty amazing. I figured it was about time to do another video, so here's the second Transformers Masterpiece Moments update video with my thoughts on the latest figures :)

Here are some pics of the latest figures too.

Love the repaints :)

MP-24 Star Saber:
Not one that I particularly like, but that's mostly since it's part of the Japanese G1 continuation that I have no nostalgia for. Overall still a nice figure, but reminds me more of gundam than Transformers lol :)

MP-12G G2 Sideswipe:
Love the black paint and face sculpt. Bad ass guns and sword are cool too!

MP-21G G2 Bumblebee:
Gold paint is very nice.

MP-11S Sunstorm:
A much better repaint than the Hasbro version that looks like Ronald McDonald!

MP-12T Tigertrack:
Nice yellow paint app, but nothing all that special. I so wish they made a proper Sunstreaker!

MP-14C Clampdown:
Another nice repaint job on this one. No QC issues on mine.

MP-18B Bluestreak:
The Diaclone blue they should've done first!

MP-18S Silverstreak:
Decent homage to the G1 toy, but most collectors were waiting on MP-18B.

MP-23 Exhaust:
If only I could get the coin with this one too!!

MP-21R Red Bumblebee:
Love the glossy red on this!

MP-26 Road Rage:
I wish this had a metallic red paint app, but overall still a nice variant to have.

MP-25 Ironhide:
Hated the hip panels in the promotional pics, but in hand I dont actually mind them! Overall a great MP addition to the collection!

Group shot! :)

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