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16 Dec 2016

Transformers Masterpiece MP-33 Inferno

It's always a great day when a new Transformers Masterpiece mold is released. And this new Inferno does not disappoint! Some collectors have complained about the bland cartoon-accurate paint app, but for me I think it's near perfect, with some ingenious engineering for the transformation sequence.

Click through below to check out my video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! :)

As with Ironhide, MP-33 Inferno is nicely loaded with accessories and display options. Takara really have tried to cover all needs to cater for those loving a bit of cartoon accuracy or a bit of toy accuracy. Overall, it's a winning set for me!

The transformation is not overly complex, but has some awesome engineering worthy of "Masterpiece Moment" status for sure. The way in which the ladder folds away into the chest cavity and the way the shoulders rotate and clip into place are fantastic!

For me, this is the best looking Inferno representation out there. The other 3rd party options I think are nice alternatives, but do not really fit in with the overall MP aesthetic. MP Inferno on the other hand fits in perfectly! Cannot wait to get Grapple early next year now!

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