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2 Jan 2017

One Sixth Scale End of 2016 Collection Update

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and awesome New Year break. It was a huge year for me in 2016 on the 1/6th scale front. I was silly enough at the beginning of the year to think I was actually going to slow down, but 2016 turned out to be my biggest year yet for 1/6th scale collectibles.

I got around 30 new 1/6th scale items in 2016, but also sold quite a few to make room and recoup the cost. I sold all my Sideshow Clone Commanders, and also some of the Hot Toys Star Wars figures that I really didn't need, such as the Shadow Trooper and Space Trooper.

Overall, I need to be more selective and focus on source material I love. I think it'll still be a pretty big 2017 for me, but should not have so many things coming in. Hope you can check out the collection as it stands now at the end of 2016 :)

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