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7 Feb 2017

Sideshow Collectibles Evil-Lyn Masters of the Universe exclusive statue

Sideshow's three current Masters of the Universe statues were all released in very quick succession beginning in  Dec 2016 with He-Man, then Skeletor in January and now Evil-Lyn. And I have to say they have done an incredible job with each one! There's only one issue that I have with the Evil-Lyn, and that's mostly fixed with a slight modification to the way I've displayed it.

Click through below for my full video review of Evil-Lyn over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel:)

Out of the box, the statue itself looks amazing. The paint app is clean with no bleeding, and I love the makeup and high gloss paint they used on the lips and fingernails. But as I feared from Sideshow's own unboxing video, the statue has an excessive forward lean to her left that was not seen in the prototype sculpt or the official prototype preorder photos.

The pose itself is quite good, and holding just the statue body itself off the base, it's clear it matches the prototype well. Her right leg is mostly straight, in which her weight should be on that leg. Her left leg is the bent one, but with the lean it seems her weight is unnaturally on her left leg.

I think it comes down to how the main statue is placed on the base, or the angle of the base itself, that causes the strange forward lean. Since there's no easy way to fix how the foot pegs fit into the base, the only way I could think to correct the lean was to place some folder paper underneath the front edge of the base to essentially lift up that forward lean and make her more straight.

The folded paper is not too noticeable on display, but makes a big difference to her posture, so I definitely recommend doing something like that to correct the pose. Other than this issue, everything else is pretty much perfect on the statue!

Unlike the hands on Skeletor which were a little loose, the hands on Evil-Lyn are pretty solid, and fit nicely into the arms with strong magnets. You can loop the cape around the wrists and that all hangs together with the magnetic neck piece. The cape is necessary I think to add that signature bit of purple to her, otherwise her outfit looks a little too black, even with the silver highlights.

Some collectors have commented that her legs look a little short. I think that's an optical illusion due to all the black in her outfit that hides her legs and hips. To counter that, you need to futz the front fabric skirt to be more like the prototype sculpt. That sculpt actually showed the front skirt tucked between her legs, that revealed her thighs, and showed off her boots and stockings.

Revealing the skin of her thighs breaks up all that black, and gives her legs and pose a more natural look. I didn't do a very good job in the photo below of tucking it between her legs, but I have since done it and it makes a world of difference in how she looks on display. The skirt tucked down vertically in a natural manner makes the overall outfit and pose look much better.

The exclusive accessory in Screeech the Falcon is a nice solid piece. It's painted and sculpted well, with a nice bit of weight to it too. The base fits perfectly in with the Snake Mountain aesthetic of Evil-Lyn and Skeletor.

Overall, I love the Evil-Lyn statue, and together with He-Man and Skeletor they make for an incredible looking centerpiece for any MOTU collection. I just wish it wasn't going to take so long for the next statue in the series to be released! They've teased She-Ra as the next, but without even an announcement yet, it's looking to be a 2018 release at the earliest. Hopefully they continue this great looking style for many years to come!

Get this evil witch for yourself by clicking the link here to head over to Sideshow Collectibles! :)

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