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23 Jun 2017

Transformers Masterpiece MP-37 Artfire

For me, the Inferno and Grapple molds were pretty amazing efforts from Takara in terms of engineering design and G1 cartoon accuracy. So the inevitable mold repaint in Artfire was a no-brainer preorder for me despite me having no memory or nostalgia for Targetmaster Transformers.

This Artfire and Targetmaster sidekick Nightstick were originally a Japan exclusive repaint back in 1987 I believe. With Takara going back to their roots in Diaclone repaints and other homages to classic colourways, I could not resist!

Click through below for my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! :)

Box art is same usual style. The accessories aren't as numerous as Inferno and Grapple, but Nightstick is a decent stand-in. I preordered this from Amiami in Japan, so it did not come with the collector coin. I had thought the coins were no longer made since they changed to the silly little diecast figures. But it now looks like the coins are back, so I had to order the coin separately from eBay. And with the coins back, I'll be making future orders from Robotkingdom in Hong Kong where the coins are always included for free!

The biggest relief with this figure is that all the unique decals are tamped on, and not stickers! I was worried that they would include a sticker sheet like with Inferno and Shockwave, but thankfully Takara did the right thing!

And the overall quality of the decals is very well done! They add to the unique look and add nice little details over the figure. The figure looks great in bot mode, and I do like the metallic silver face plate. But I always display my repaint figures in vehicle mode.

And luckily he looks great in vehicle mode too! The use of chrome on various parts is nice, and there wasn't too much paint slop apart from a couple of minor scratches on mine. All in all, it's another great addition to the cast of repaint characters. Now I just hope they announce more of the Diaclone colours like Black Ironhide (and a red Sunstreaker once MP-39 comes out!)

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