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21 Aug 2017

Kotobukiya Kill Bill Bishoujo The Bride

I'm still loving most of the Bishoujo statues that Kotobukiya release, and this new version of The Bride from Kill Bill is no exception! Kill Bill is by far my favourite Tarantino movie, so this statue was a must-have for me.

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Packaging is the usual Bishoujo style with the great concept art by Shunya Yamashita.

Everything about this shows off how great the Bishoujo series can be. Awesome face sculpt and skin paint app. Love the flawless skin, eyes, and lips. Hair could be better, but overall detailing and paint variation is decent.

The sculpted detail in the suit is also nice, with realistic folds and shadow detailing in the creases. The pose they've selected is iconic for the part, and simple and classy.

Love the detail of the Hattori Hanzo logo on the katana. I just wish the katana was longer like it was in the concept art. It seems just a tad too short. Also be very careful when inserting into the hands, or you will snap it off at the hilt. I had to heat the hands up in some hot water, which made it much easier to insert the hilt.

For me this is another winner by Kotobukiya. Get yours here from BBTS!

The next releases I'm most looking forward to are the new horror Bishoujos such as Ash and Pinhead! As for the Kill Bill series, hopefully they don't just stop at one, and make Gogo Yubari and O'Ren Ishii too!

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