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28 Jan 2018

Transformers Masterpiece MP-15/16E Cassettbots vs Cassettrons

I love my Transformers Masterpiece repaints, especially for molds that I don't have many repaints already. The cassettes released as part of MP-13, MP-13B, MP-15, and MP-16 have been out for a while now, and I haven't got any cassettes to display in their actual cassette mode.

So when this new MP-15/16E repaint was announced, I couldn't resist. I really have no idea behind the source of these characters, be it some comic or some E-Hobby exclusive G1 toy back in the day. Either way, they looked pretty good, and the inclusion of a new mold for Steeljaw was a great bonus.

Click through below to check out my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Packaging is unique in that it holds 4 cassettes whereas previous releases included two only. The colours are bright, and most paint apps are done nice and cleanly.

The collector coin is another nice addition to my MP coin collection. The cassette modes are all clean and show off the 80s media of choice quite nicely.

The bot/animal modes are pretty nice too, and the overall QC is good. My Nightstalker did come with a reversed paw, but the fix to remove and flip it over was quick and easy. This new Steeljaw mold is decent, and I really hope it is a tease for an official MP Blaster soon!

The other three are decent repaints, and have enough differentiation in colour to at least make them interesting. If you're a fan of TF Masterpiece figures, I'm sure you'll love these in the collection.

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