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2 Apr 2018

Transformers Masterpiece MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rod

It feels like a long time since Takara announced a new G1 mold in their Masterpiece series. The last major unique release was Sunstreaker, and despite rumours of characters such as Trailbreaker and Hoist, there's been no announcement of late.

But Takara will always continue to do one thing that they've done for years, and that's release repaints on existing molds. This new MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rod is no different, and there's nothing too much to write home about on this release.

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Packaging and contents are pretty similar to the previous Hot Rod release, but misses out on the various cartoon movie accessories such as the fishing rod. I did notice that the card stock on the collector card looks and feels cheaper than previous figures, and does not have the same gloss or thickness. Hopefully this is just a once-off for this repaint and isn't an ongoing change.

The paint app changes are decent overall. There are some aspects I like, such as the chest flame decal, but on the whole I prefer the lighter shade of red/pink on the original version. The cartoon accuracy of the original speaks more to my nostalgia than the new repaint, which I hear comes from a colour way shown in some later episodes of Season 3 or 4.

I display all my repaints in their alt modes, so this is how mine will be in the cabinet. It still looks pretty nice in that classic car design. The Targetmaster is just an extra to have, but doesn't really do anything for me. I hear it's a reuse of the Targetmaster from the original Hasbro MP-9 Rodimus release. I would've preferred that they reduce the cost and not even bother including it!

Either way, I just hope they make a major G1 announcement this year. It would be a massive disappointment if noone else from the original G1 Season 1 or 2 cast is announced in 2018.

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