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24 May 2018

Hot Toys MMS425 Spider-man Homecoming

After The Amazing Spiderman 2 disappointed me immensely, I sold my Amazing Spiderman figure and Spiderman 3 Black Suit Spiderman. But I have enjoyed the new MCU version of Spiderman, and this release does do that version justice.

It comes with a pretty decent array of accessories, and the overall quality is pretty good too despite some issues raised by collectors. Click through below to check out my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Make sure to give the video a like and subscribe too! :)

The contents as you can see give plenty of options for poses from various scenes in the movie. The magnetic wings work well, but do have sharp corners so be careful not to scratch the suit when you're moving them around. The backpack is very nicely tailored and has some nice padding within to keep its shape. The straps have wires too so they can be shaped naturally over the shoulders.

The Tom Holland head sculpt has a fantastic likeness, and will be the version I use since they also included a folded mask accessory that he can hold in his hand with the mask off. The core masked sculpt is also nicely done. Some collectors have had issues with the stitching down the centre of the head, and it all varies to the degree that it shows. Mine wasn't too bad overall.

The webbing variations are nice to use for dynamic poses, especially with the many included hands. But I'll have mine in a pretty static pose to minimise any risk to damage to the suit.

I'll have mine displayed on top of the building accessory from the first Spiderman figure. It looks great standing on top, and is quite stable with nice firm ankle joints. The articulation is pretty good overall, with firm ratchety joints. There is a warning not to leave the suit in dynamic poses for any length of time, so I would heed that warning.

There have been photos showing the blue material on the suit being damaged by being bent or caught in the knee and hip joints, so pose dynamically at your risk! Perhaps a quick pose here and there for a photo would be OK, but not for a set-and-leave pose in your display cabinet.

I actually think the material they used on the suit is very nice, with different textures and patterns. I like the compromise between form and function here with the suit, and I'm OK with knowing a static pose is OK in my display. The red parts are a more flexible material while the blue is a more rubbery type material. There are places with glued on material such as the black striping, so be careful how those areas bend too.

The swap out eyes on the masked sculpt are a nice touch, but are an absolute pain in the arse to swap out. They are well set in, and you'll need some decent finger nails or a thin flat headed tool of some sort to pry them out. They're held in by magnets so once you dislodge them they're easy to swap. I've gone with the larger eyes on mine as I prefer that traditional big-eyed Spiderman.

All in all, I think this is another fantastic release by Hot Toys. Apparently there have been some delays with the latest round of stock, especially for the Deluxe version, but I think fans will find this worth the wait. I'm sure with Infinity War being such a hit, fans will be wanting more Spiderman figures to add. This Homecoming version is a nice figure to have in the meantime!

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