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30 Jun 2018

Lego 75181 Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Y-Wing

I don't collect too much from Lego, but I do love their Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. I now have the new X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Slave 1, Snowspeeder, and Millenium Falcon. I just couldn't resist this new Y-Wing, and it's another great release in this series.

Click through below for my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Check out the series of unboxing and build steps below. Glad it was a much simpler build than the Millenium Falcon, but still had some innovative and interesting build sections.

With the May 4th release date, Lego also included the BB-8 figure, similar to their R2-D2 the year before with the Snowspeeder. They go well with each other! I also do a quick review over on the YouTube channel here.

Bags 1 to 3 completed. Nice solid core to the spacecraft.

Bags 4 to 6 completed. The standout is definitely all the detailed greebling in this centre core section.

Bags 7 and 8 completed with the cockpit. Looks nice, but godammit I hate bloodystickers!! No idea why Lego tamps patterns on some on pieces, whilst choosing to leave other markings as stickers. I got most of mine on well enough, but just tamp them all damn it!

Bags 9 to 13 finished off the set. The set is simple and yet so elegantly beautiful! Love the detailed greebling, but was a little tedious to all put together towards the end. Either way, looks nice on display!

Couple of minifigs go with the set. I still hate that the nameplate is a bloody sticker! GAAH!!

A pic for size perspective. Great looking UCS Y-Wing. And yes, I did make some pew pew sounds flying it around the room lol

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