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30 Jun 2019

Collection pics from past couple of months

I post photos of my collection every now and then on the Kool Kollectibles Facebook page, so thought I'd post up a few of those here on the website too. Hope you like them!

Always love the odd Lego set, and this new Lunar Lander is fantastic. It's a great complement to their previous Saturn V set. Love the gold coloured plates, and the stickers weren't so scary this time!


Kmart Australia has a range of $10 licenced t-shirts, and I just had to pick up the Back to the Future and Masters of the Universe prints. Using their free online click and collect service, I was in and out of my local store under 5 minutes! Great stuff!

It's a shame that Kotobukiya have only ever released two Star Wars Bishoujo statues. I don't take too many photos of the Mara Jade and Jaina Solo statues, so thought I'd give them some attention. Great looking statues. I just wish Kotobukiya had released their Stormtrooper that they teased!


I also don't give too much attention to a couple of their early Bishoujo statues from various movie sources. The MIB and Ghostbusters statues aren't that great compared to the new statues these days, but a nice bit of variety in the collection.


Also finally got another addition to the Bishoujo Horror series with Pinhead. One of their best and most detailed I think. The gang together certainly look fantastic with all their iconic and instantly recognisable outfits.

Speaking of statues, I love Street Fighter and this 1/3 scale Chun-Li by Pop Culture Shock is a beautiful addition! A few nits to pick, but overall a definite keeper for me.

Spent some time cleaning the cabinet too, and it was a good time to give a quick dusting to the Empire Strikes Back Tauntaun, Luke, and Han 1/6th scale figures from Sideshow. These three still look pretty bloody awesome displayed together! 

Lastly on the Transformers front, it's been a pretty slow year. I'm still waiting on MP-20+ Wheeljack, with MP-18+ Bluestreak hopefully not too far behind. But for now, I thought I'd catch up on some cards and coins pics for those that I missed previously.

These two will be retired to their awesome car modes when their respective "+" versions are released. Those always look better in bot mode with their more cartoon accurate paint application. These look amazing with their more detailed paint apps in car mode. Best of both worlds!


Hopefully we get some more Diaclone repaints soon too. Still hoping for a black Ironhide and a red Sunstreaker!

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