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5 Dec 2019

Lego Ideas #27 21319 Friends Central Perk

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, I watched Friends episodes every week when they first aired. It was a TV show that really took you along the journey of the characters, and you really felt invested in their stories. The show still has so many classic scenes and lines that haven't aged at all in the many years since the show finished.

I was very surprised when Lego announced the Central Perk set because I don't usually keep track of all the ideas making through their Ideas program. But I'm definitely glad this set was given the green light! It's a nice little set that brings back so many memories from the show!

Click through below for my video review of the set over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Here's the left side wall completed. Love the menu print on the wall (thank god that wasn's a damn sticker!) The kitchen area is also nicely done, with the big coffee machine being the centrepiece.

Here's the serving area done along with a small customer area. Love the big service arrow that didn't really feature much in the show, but great that Lego designers had that eye for detail. The cash till looks nice as well as the cookie jar. I liked the way they designed the rug areas and furniture to be whole pieces that can be placed or lifted out entirely.

Here's the main entrance to Central Perk and the classic stage area where Phoebe performs her ridiculous songs. The big window looks great, and the doorway brings back lots of memories of classic lines and scenes in that entrance.

Here's the completed main area where the Friends all sit. The couches are pretty nicely done, and gives decent room for the mini-figures to be placed. All in all, if you're a Friends fan looking for a bit of nostalgia, this is a great little display set to show off next to your blurays of the TV series!

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