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18 May 2020

Flame Toys Furai Action Optimus Prime (IDW version)

Flame Toys is a company that I heard many good things about, but never collected any figures since I'm mainly into collecting the Takara Transformers Masterpiece series. But the design and articulation of the Flame Toys Furai model kits looked really interesting. Thankfully, they announced a pre-assembled figure series called Furai Action, where the figures are not only assembled out of the box, but also feature a great weathered paint application.

Their first in the series is the Optimus Prime based on the IDW comics. I'm definitely glad I took the jump to get the figure despite its higher price compared to the model kits. Check out my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel below.

The set doesn't come with too much, but what is included is functionally useful, which is better than getting a whole bunch of accessories that won't be used! I like the stand that has the adjustable connection to the figure's butt that allows for in-air dynamic poses. It's sturdy and gives quite a bit of freedom in its positioning.

The range of hands is decent, although I think more options could've been provided. A finger pointing hand would've been nice and more dynamic action hands. At least the sculpting and paint app on the hands is nice, as it is on the blaster rifle too. Some flecks of the silver wash look a bit more like snow than metallic weathering, but overall not too bad.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the figure! I still prefer the G1 style, but this IDW aesthetic is still pretty nice and instantly recognisable. The weathered paint app really sets this one apart from the stock model kit version that I think looks a little too clean.

The weathering is realistically applied, with dirt and rust throughout, and the scratch marks in all the appropriate places. It certainly gives the figure a battle worn look on display. Although not a transforming figure, the style still alludes to the fact the character does transform. The visible tyres at the rear of the legs I actually like, particularly the way in which they collapse when articulating the figure.

Articulation is definitely the strong point in these Furai figures. The way the armour pieces can be moved is robotically realistic, and the joints never seem too obvious. The fold and collapse exactly as you would think a realistic robot should. The level of articulation and how the parts moved definitely made me glad I didn't have to assemble this myself. I have zero patience and skill for that sort of model assembly, so probably would've screwed something up trying!

The only part to have a somewhat limited range of motion was the waist. It can't be turned side to side too much due to the rear piece at the hip. But the pieces at the front of the waist can be moved to allow quite a lot of leg motion, allowing it to reach great crouching and jumping poses. The shoulder and elbow articulation is fantastic too, so you can get this figure into many iconic and dynamic poses.

As my first Flame Toys figure, I definitely can see why they have such a good reputation. The build quality is high, the articulation is fantastic, and the pre-assembled and weathered paint app is nice too. They've announced a lot in the Furai model kit series, so I'm really looking forward to seeing which character they announce next for this Furai Action series.

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