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18 Dec 2021

Hot Toys MMS557 Thor from Endgame

I received the Hot Toys Endgame Captain America recently, and now another of the core trio from that awesome movie has finally arrived in Fat Thor! I normally don't like electronic features, but found them on this figure to be really enjoyable to mess around with!

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The set comes with a decent array of accessories, with my favourite being the light up Stormbreaker (which is a larger size than that provided with the Infinity War figure) and Mjolnir. The swap out hands hold the accessories well, and the lightning effects are a nice transluscent soft plastic with no major risk of snapping.

The worst part of the accessories is the flight stand for the base. They should've just included the standard crotch grabber. It's nea impossible to get the flight stand waist support around Thor's fat belly anyway, so it ends up being pretty useless. 

I normally don't like electronic effects, or the typically toyish plastic add-on accessories like the lightning effects. But on this Thor, they both actually work really well together to sell that look from the movie.

The paint application on the weapons is particularly excellent. They look chromed/metallic when the lightup effect is off, but when turned on have a bright transluscent cloud effect from within the weapon blade. It really does look fantastic.

The lightup effects on the torso are also pretty good, and are quite bright at their connection points to the body. Adding all the accessories and turning on the lights does make for a pretty impressive display piece. Even without the lights turned on, I think it still looks pretty damn good.

The hard molded torso piece gives him that hilarious fat belly, and it makes for a nice difference to previous figures with his standard nicely cut body. The only Thor figure I have is the old Light Asgardian Armour version from The Dark World. Pretty nice contrasting figures in the collection.

I also think the new headsculpt is a better likeness to Chris Hemsworth, also the older figure is still pretty good. Both figures for me have pretty limited articulation, and mine will be pretty have these museum poses in my display.

The torso, being hard molded, is definitely restrictive. But even the pleather pants are quite tight, so I don't think you'll have Thor doing anything too dynamic for too long in the display. The arms are a soft rubbery type material, so I would avoid leaving them bent at the elbow for any length of time.

Now that I have Fat Thor and Captain America from Endgame, I only have the Iron Man Mk85 Battle Damaged figure left to complete my Endgame trio. I preordered that figure almost 2.5 years ago, so it's been a very long wait! Hopefully that releases late 2021 or early 2022, and I hope it's a worthy addition to complete my trio!

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