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27 May 2022

Transformers Masterpiece MP-53+ Senator Crosscut

Takara have release repaints of their figures for decades now, and I'm definitely stuck in the web of buying the Diaclone repaints in this Masterpiece series. I have no idea why I bought this recent Crosscut figure, considering I already have the Skids and Reboost variants. There's nothing particularly special about this repaint, but hey, I'm just Takara's bitch at this point with these Diaclone repaints!

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The packaging and contents will be well familiar to Masterpiece collectors. It comes with the Motocompo scooter, this time in metallic silver. The chrome weapons are the same as with the previous figures, and still give off a very classic G1 toy vibe.

I'm still not sure why Takara numbered this release as MP-53+, when in fact it's a repaint of the MP-54 Reboost mold, not the MP-53 Skids mold. But I guess their numbering hasn't made sense for years now! Either way, the new metallic silver finish is very nice, although I would have preferred no Autobot insignia on the hood like Reboost.

I like the use of the blue tint in the windows that gives a bit more variation between the figures too. I think three versions of this particular mold will be enough for me, and is pretty much in keeping with my other Diaclone repaint figures.

The only other Diaclone repaint I'm still shocked they haven't released is the Black Ironhide version. No idea why they haven't done that, and after all these years I doubt they'll do it now. Hopefully a Hound repaint for Detritus comes out soon though!

In bot mode, you can clearly see it's an MP-54 repaint. The paint on the arms and thighs is nicely done, and it also has the nice painted highlights in the hips and lower legs. The accents bring out the detail in the mold, which is better in figures like this with an aesthetic that is more similar to the figures from the 2012 to 2015 era such as Prowl and Wheeljack.

This Honda City mold is definitely not one that suits the cartoon aesthetic of more recent figures, but still looks fantastic in amongst the whole Masterpiece collection. Now that Takara have just recently announced Trailbreaker, I am hoping Hoist is announced soon too. Then if only they would announce a Jazz and Mirage, I'd pretty much be able to die a happy Transformers collector 😂

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