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5 Jul 2013

My thoughts on Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock

I actually enjoyed Wrath of Khan quite a bit, despite some pretty bad acting and general campiness. But wow, Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock ramps that up to warp speed and ends up being pretty much the epitome of bad 80s B-grade sci-fi fluff!!!

I would've thought that at least the special effects would improve, but they are bad even by early 80s standards!! I think they tried to make some more sophisticated camera pans for the spacecraft, but other than that the general puppet work, explosions, set design etc is all low grade. Which is a shame since I thought after ST2 they would've put a lot more effort into it!

But I can forgive special effect issues in this era. But my god the acting was just so BAD!!! I had no idea Christopher Lloyd (aka Doc Brown from Back to the Future) was in this, and he at times still channels Doc Brown, albeit in bad Klingon makeup!

Again, deaths in Star Trek simply do not seem to have any emotional impact on any one except maybe Kirk!! The whole damn spaceraft Grissom is destroyed, and David and Saavik dont even blink!!! I mean shit, you dont even panic or mourn the lost crew??

And the whole damn sequence when David dies is almost like an after-thought, with Kirk just mumbling some "damn yous", "bastards", and "you killed my sons" through some pretty bad forced crying!!

Not to mention the rest of the Enterprise crew. How they commandeer the Enterprise by attacking the guards etc is just so hilariously camp, forced, and just plain stupid really made a mockery of Starfleet. The "dont call me Tiny" sequence with Sulu was embarrassing!!!

The ending itself was a let down for me too, considering the effort the crew had put in to save Spock! Spock I guess was being.....Spock, a totally emotionless prick! No thanks, just a stoic face that even Kirk simply stares wide-eyed at when he remembers them. It just didnt connect with me at all.

So I am so disappointed in this follow up to Wrath of Khan! In fact, I even prefer the slow, meandering story of the first movie to this!!! I give it a 6/10 at best. Surely it can only get better than this right ;)

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