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14 Jul 2013

NECA Jungle Disguise Dutch, Water Emergence Predator, and Jungle Encounter Dutch

Wow, these latest figures from NECA's Predator line has restored my faith! I was initially disappointed with their recent Aliens figures Hicks, Hudson, and Alien Warrior, but these new Predator figures are simply outstanding!!

Predator was one of my favourite action movies back in the day, so when these were announced, I just had to get them! And NECA did not disappoint. The paint app and detailing on the Jungle Disguise Dutch is extremely well done, and the headsculpt is pretty much as perfect a representation of Arnie as you'd get in this scale!

He is loaded with accessories, ranging from the bow and arrows, to the spears, to the iconic flaming torch he uses towards the end of the movie. The articulation is also very nice, with all the usual points of movement you'd expect from a high end 6" figure. The knees this time are not double jointed, but I prefer this with this one, since they make the figure look a bit more natural.

The Jungle Encounter Dutch is also an excellent figure. The headsculpt is great, but be careful of the eye paint app, which may appear to wide or too close together. Still, from a normal viewing distance, they look fine. The body is nicely done, and is not painted but molded in the skin colour, as is the head, which lets the other paintwork really stand out. He comes with 3 weapons, and the articulation is as great as with the Jungle Disguise version.

I already have one of NECA's older classic Predator figures, but this new one from the scene where the Predator jumps into the water and emerges to search for Dutch is just too kool to pass up!  The transluscent mold and electric blue paint apps are done beautifully, and the range of articulation is actually a slight improvement over the older Predator figures.

For a video review of all three figures, check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel review here:

Overall, I think NECA has knocked this particular wave right out of the park!! They come loaded with accessories, and look and feel extremely high quality! Definitely highly recommended!

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