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19 Sept 2014

FINALLY!!! Sideshow opens preorder for Biker Scout and Speeder Bike!

There's nothing I love more than the release of an awesome classic original Star Wars trilogy figure. We've waited a long time for Sideshow to release another classic trooper from the trilogy, and the Biker Scout was always high on the list.

And today Sideshow has made the wait well worth it with the opening of preorders for the new Biker Scout and Speeder Bike 1/6th scale collectibles (click the links to head over to Sideshow and order)!

I still miss a classic Stormtrooper in my collection, but have the previous Sandtrooper Deluxe and Snowtrooper Exclusive figures. So the Biker Scout was definitely one that I needed in the collection to get some more OT trooper goodness in my display room! And just look how awesome the Biker Scout turned out!

Absolutely love the fabric detailing in the torso area here. This area has always looked a little off in the smaller 3.75" scale, but now in this 1/6th scale, it just looks incredible!

Speaking of detail, just love the weathering in the boots. If they can maintain that level of realism in the final production paint app, I'll be well pleased! Also loving the articulation on the figure too, where it can manage the kneeling position and also ride the Speeder Bike of course.

Sideshow appears to have announced a new concept with their figures stands in this "Scene Stealer" base accessory. I always wanted them to add some feature to the base, similar to the sand and snow texture they used for the Sandtrooper and Snowtrooper. I initially just thought they'd go with some basic grass/foliage cover for the base of the Scout Trooper, but what they have here in the little bits of rock and tree trunk etc looks fantastic!

As with most Sideshow figures these days, the Biker Scout also comes with an exclusive version accessory. This time it's an additional long rifle, much like how they included a long rifle for the Snowtrooper. Always a nice touch these little extras :)

Of course the Biker Scout would not be complete without a trusty Speeder Bike, and Sideshow delivers on that too! As with the trooper, the bike also comes with an exclusive version accessory in the plaque that has details of the bike design. Another nice little touch to go with the bike.

The detail from all angles of the bike look pretty damn awesome as well. The weathering doesn't seem overly applied, and in fact could do with a bit more, but overall it looks nicely worn in.

Loving the detailing in the console and handle bars too. Hopefully these handle bars don't suffer the same ridiculous bending of soft plastic like its smaller Hasbro brethren.

The pistons and connection components all look really nicely designed and detailed. Looks to be nicely applied weathering where appropriate too on most surfaces and edges, so hopefully that carries through to the final production version.

I especially love the mechanical details on the underside of the bike. It all just looks beautiful and will make for the perfect companion piece to the Biker Scout.

So with this announcement, I'm hoping it won't be too much longer until Sideshow open up the preorders for the other classic trilogy characters that they teased at this year's San Diego Comic Con. These include the TIE Pilot, Pilot Luke, and Threepio. I'll definitely be adding all of them to my collection.

It's just a shame there's such a long wait until actual release in July 2015 for the Biker Scout and Speeder Bike set, but I'm sure the wait will be worth it. If you're looking at getting both, make sure to click the option on the Sideshow website to order the bundle, which will give you a $25 discount. My preorder is in already :)

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