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27 Sept 2014

Finally some Enterbay NBA figures!!

When Enterbay first announced that they were releasing 1/6th scale Michael Jordan figures, I was so excited! I've been a Jordan fan for many years now, and watched the Bulls throughout the 1990s. But once the figures were released, there were many QC issues reported, and that scared me off for over a year on these figures.

But then recently they announced that they were also releasing Dennis Rodman, with a teaser for Scottie Pippen too! So the chance to own figures of my favourite NBA trio of all time was finally too much for me to resist.

So looking at their latest figures, I found that Enterbay had only just released the Michael Jordan "The Last Shot" version (quite a few other versions had come before it), which tied in nicely with the Dennis Rodman release in terms of box design and also NBA finals singlets. So I ordered both and overall, and pretty impressed with Enterbay's effort in these figures!

For a few photos, continue reading down the article. For video reviews, follow the links below!

Click the link below to see my full review of the Michael Jordan "The Last Shot" figure!

Click the link below to see my full review of the Dennis Rodman figure!

The packaging art for these two are actually really nice. Simple, yet elegant and classy. The Jordan box actually has an almost leather/rubber feel to it, with faux leather numbering of the "23". The Rodman box instead has a smooth glossier finish, but with a furry texture to the "91" numbering.

Either way, the general look is consistent, and I love the signatures and overall collector grade classiness of them.

The box layout design is also the same for both, with one side being the clamshell holding the accessories and the other being the foam casing holding the figure itself.

The best accessory in the Jordan set goes to the replica championship ring, which has a nice heft and shine to it.

The Rodman accessories are all pretty standard stuff, but the addition of the alternate white jersey is nice if you manage to get a second body.

One thing though. The foam cutout for the figure is I believe the same as the Jordan figure. However, the figure itself is slightly taller since Rodman is indeed taller than Jordan. But since the foam cutout is Jordan's size, the packing of Rodman was a little creative in the ankles area.

So creative in fact I thought the ankles were actually broken when I first looked at it! Thankfully the shoes were just rotated at an awkward angle and there was no breakage!

One thing Enterbay has mostly had great reviews about is in their head sculpts. I've heard quite a few bad things about the bodies that they make, but the head sculpts and facial paint apps are almost universally admired.

And after seeing the Jordan and Rodman head sculpts up close, I'd have to agree! They are definitely very close to Hot Toys quality, and certainly better than the sculpting and paint application on many Sideshow figures I've seen.

It's a shame the Jordan set only comes with the open mouth look and not the normal stoic face from previous releases. So I've already ordered one of the previous figures that was on sale at BBTS that has the regular head sculpt.

Luckily the Rodman figure comes with two head sculpts, one almost mean-looking and the other smirking. I haven't quite decided which one to use yet, but may actually go with the smirking head sculpt because Rodman was always a little weird :)

So overall, I'm pretty happy with the figures. Check out the video reviews linked at the top of the article for all my detailed thoughts. There's a closer look at the figures and some of the issues that I had too, so definitely have a look :)

For now, I'm definitely looking forward to getting Pippen and completing this legendary basketball trio.

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