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21 Jan 2015

Finally got Sideshow's new Captain Rex Phase 2 figure!!

Just some quick pics of the new Sideshow Captain Rex figure that I finally received! It's been a long time since I got a new 1/6th scale figure due to the delays, so glad they're finally coming in. Stay tuned for the full video review :)

Sideshow Collectibles - Captain Rex 1/6th scale figure

Click the link above for all the order details over at Sideshow Collectibles :)

Standard sort of packaging as with previous clones, although they have minimised the size by putting the accessories tray underneath the figure tray instead of in its own section of the box.

Comes with quite a few accessories, although they are all to be expected now for clone troopers.

Clones look best in groups! Here is the new Rex with the other clone commanders. Remember to subscribe and stay tuned for the video review soon :)

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