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28 Jan 2015

Lego 75060 Ultimate Collector Series Slave 1

I was lucky enough to find the new Lego UCS Slave 1 available on the official Lego store for the Australian region, so I ordered it straight away! And what an incredible set it is. It looks beautiful from pretty much every angle, and it was a fun build to do with my kids too.

Here are some pics of the sequential components individually bagged.

Bag #1

Bag #2

Bag #3
Love the way they layered the curved structure of this side of the spacecraft.

Bag #4
Great use of some unique curved components to render this top part of the spacecraft. The stickers here also caused me a bit of anxiety, but overall I managed to get them on fairly straight and even. I wish they would have just printed the markings though....

Bag #5
Connecting the front and rear sections of the spacecraft. Some great engineering in the lattice work internal to the spacecraft.

Bag #5
Even the underside of this component was given a lot of detail, despite it probably not being shown in most displays. Really nice attention to detail by Lego here.

Bag #6
More nice engineering touches in beginning the structural part of the spacecraft's internal design. Love the Han in Carbonite mini-figure too :)

Bag #7
Added the wings in this section, and I was a little concerned that they were flimsy. But I needn't have worried, because Bag #9 below fixed all that :)

The stickers on the wings gave me the most trouble, and I had to carefully remove one so that I could straighten up the lines to match the stickers next to it. In the end, not totally perfect, but good enough!

Also includes new printing for the Boba Fett mini-fig. Love the fabric cape too :)

Bag #8
Starting the build around the cockpit area, including the awesome flight seat that rotates and rocks beautifully to position the pilot in both landed and flight modes.

Bag #9
I mentioned above that in the previous steps I was worried the wings felt a little fragile. But this section totally fixed that with an ingenious way to attach the wing to the chassis of the spacecraft. The wings connect all the way through to each other to rotate synchronously, and are held in place very sturdily with the nicely engineering truss to the body.

Bag #10
Some beautifully engineering lattice work here to complete the structural integrity of the back section of the spacecraft. The designer indicated that the model used in the movie was almost like an eggshell, so they had to design some way of holding the structure securely. They did an outstanding job with strategically placed pins and connection points that really made the iconic shape of the spacecraft hold together very well.

Bag #10
Here's the view of this component from the other side. Love the uniquely made curved dome for the cockpit, which is a removeable piece to allow easy access to place Boba in the seat. Just looks amazing from this view!

Bag #11
 Some great engineering again to complete the panelling for this side of the spacecraft. Finishes it off beautifully.

Bag #12
And then the slightly different patterns on this panel is done, along with the gun turrets at the bottom. And amazing build of a truly iconic spacecraft.

Bag #13
Befitting a model of this detail, the stand is also an engineering marvel to build! It holds the model perfectly in flight mode, and is very sturdy. Looks fantastic too :)

And here's my full video review showing off the completed model and some of its features. Hope you can check it out, subscribe, like, and comment with your thoughts on this amazing piece by Lego!

If you're thinking of getting this, I would definitely hurry before it sells out and starts going for crazy money on the aftermarket! It's a great display piece and worthy of any Star Wars collection!

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